Free Gift & Reviews

In order to collect more reviews to help other customers to know our dress more comprehensive, we held a gift-giving activity!

Activity rules
You need to give us your review and dress shown pictures on our website review , your review and shown pictures will be of great help to our website! If you would like to ,you will get our gift from our honestly thank! We will also choose some good dress shown pictures to display under our website, the selected pictures owner could get extra 15% discount code for next order !!When you choose gift ,you agree to give us a review and shown pictures by default.

How to leave a review
Return to the page of the dress you ordered from your order list or search the dress.
Drag down to the bottom of the page, there have write your own review. As shown below

As shown below

how to submit review
1. Choose the number of the starts , write your own review and it well be better to add images
2. Click Button Submit Review.

How to join in activity
At the end of the checkout process, have an option “Yes,Send the gift, I will go to review.” Click the option ,our delicate gift will be sent with your dress. This gift is carefully chosen by our staff and is especially suitable to match dress .Also you could wear it when you go out to play .It is a really nice gift ! click here view the gift

Interpretation of activity
All of our reviews is real and from our customer ,and we sincerely hope every customer could give us a comments!!


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