Best outdoors wedding ideas

If you would like to have an outdoors wedding, there are many ways to make your wedding more beautiful. From the wedding arch, wedding bouquet, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses to the wedding decorations. Outdoors wedding has many advantages compared with indoors wedding. The air is very fresh, the scenery is very beautiful. Enjoy the breeze and blue sky with white clouds. Besides, the light is very good and you can get tons of attractive pictures with your guests, bridesmaids, flower girls, and your lifelong companion.

1. Wedding Arch
As we all know, creative wedding arch will attract the guests’ eyes and give a deep impression on them. Put some palm leaves along the way to wedding arch. Use white and fresh flowers to decorate wedding arch. In addition, add some green plants to make the wedding arch look more beautiful. Of course, the design will cost plenty of money due to the large quantity of flowers. If you are crazy about flowers, you can refer to the unique style.

wedding arch

2. Wedding bouquet

A nice bouquet will give complement to bride’s beauty. The bouquet consists of flowers which has many warm colors, various green plants. It is very nice combination.

wedding bouquet

It is very good for you to choose a gorgeous lace wedding dress with this kind of bouquets. Besides, chiffon wedding dresses will become your choices due to characteristic of flow.
Here is one of chiffon wedding dresses.

chiffon dress
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3. Wedding Timetable

If you would like to cut down part of budget, I think the simple and common rock will help you. Then use wood to put a shelf, after that, write down the timetable with ink. It is very obvious and your guests will notice the timetable very easily.

4. Bridesmaid Dresses

Whether it is chiffon, silk, satin, tulle or lace, In my opinion, the short bridesmaid dresses will suitable for your bridesmaids. In addition, it will be great for you to choose short wedding dress matching them.

6 stylish and beautiful bridesmaid dresses

When the bride find her gorgeous wedding dress, it is time to search for beautiful bridesmaid dresses. However, some bridesmaids choose to look for nice bridesmaid dresses according to the color the bride provided. So either way, they need to look through enough bridesmaid dresses and eventually find the ones which they love. Today i will introduce 10 stylish and beautiful bridesmaid dresses by analyzing some trends and data.
bridesmaid dress
1. Pleated and sweetheart neckline bridesmaid dresses

It is made of chiffon and satin. Chiffon is kind of flowing materials. It is also very light. Lining consists of satin fabric. It feels very comfortable. The back belongs to a zipper back, which can be put on and taken off very easily. The neckline is sweetheart and it can show the charm and beauty of women. Pleated design add vitality and vivacious elements.

bridesmaid dress
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2. Spaghetti straps and beaded belt bridesmaid dresses with v-neck

Spaghetti straps can reflect simple style. The belt on the waist is decorated with beading, which add beauty and delicacy. V-neck can show women’s charming and sexy side.

bridesmaid dress
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3. One-shoulder asymmetrical chiffon bridesmaid dress with ruffle

One-shoulder is more creative than two shoulders. The front is short and the back is long. The design can show a small part of beautiful thigh. As is mentioned above, the ruffle on the dress can add vitality. When you see the bridesmaid dress carefully, you will love it.

bridesmaid dress
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4. Halter Sleeveless Chiffon Dress

The halter can show the beauteous, modest and lovely side. The belt on the waist is also very nice. If you would like to show your perfect and beautiful back. The design on the back will suit your taste.

bridesmaid dress
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5. One shoulder sheath bridesmaid dress with ruffles

The good combination of one shoulder and ruffles is very creative. It looks very flowing.

bridesmaid dress
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6. Sweetheart neckline chiffon bridesmaid dress with flowers

The flower on the waist is very beautiful and delicate.

bridesmaid dress
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Tips to order wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses online

Perhaps you have never bought dresses online before, it also has the possibility that you are experienced about online shopping. Today i will talk about some tips to order wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses online. Take note of what is beneficial for you. When you purchase dresses next time, you can get a nice dress which fit perfectly. Try to avoid to choose wrong size and colors. In this way, you can save your time and money. Just enjoy your shopping experience.
wedding dress
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1. Confirm your size

When you find your gorgeous wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses, it is time to choose color or size. And you need to know that sometimes dresses size is not different from the clothes size. Check the relevant size chart in the site, compare your size with the size chart and decide your final size. Besides, you can choose custom measurements and confirm depend on the how to measure in the site. If you decide your size according to the above suggestion, you can avoid many size problems. For example, if you get your dreamy dress with happiness and eventually find that it doesn’t fit. It is definitely a terrible thing and you have to return the dress and pay the shipping cost. Even if you may needn’t to pay extra fee, you also feel it is a awkward shopping experience. Be patient and buy your dress. Look through enough info about the shipping time and cost, return policy and other information.

2. Confirm your color

After you have checked the colors of other bridesmaid dresses, you also would like to buy one in the same color. You had better contact customer service staff and inform them. Send the actual dresses to them other than choosing the color which you think it is correct color. Besides, most sites have different colors about various fabric. Ask them if you don’t know which kind of fabric your dress belong to, then decide your color. As is mentioned above, you receive your dress, it ends up your color is different other bridesmaid dresses. Finally, you have to return the dress. So this tip will help you.
bridesmaid dress

4 popular and simple short wedding dresses

Simple short wedding dresses are very stylish this summer. It not only can cut down your expenses, but also make you feel easy and convenient to walk and take part in various activities. If you have enough budget, wear a short wedding dress to play interesting games with your guests at the wedding. Are you ready for the impact of a large amount of beautiful simple short wedding dresses? Get your inspiration from here and add the dresses you prefer to your inspiration board.

1. Simple Wedding Dresses With spaghetti straps

Knee length is definitely a kind of nice design to show your charming legs. Decorated with beautiful sash, the waist is attractive. The shoulder and collarbone can be showed very clearly with spaghetti straps. The chiffon material is flowing with comfortable satin fabric lining, the combination will make you love the feeling of standing in the wind.

wedding dress
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2. Deep V-Neck Wedding Dresses

The deep V-neck is very popular for the brides who would like to show the side of charming and sexy. The flowers on the waist is very delicate and beauteous.The tulle creates a kind of romantic and magic atmosphere. The back is also designed with V-neck style. So it will show your charming back.

wedding dress
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3. Lace v-neck short wedding dresses

The Lace is beautiful and unique and it can reflect the unique characteristics of the mysterious. It has light and transparent texture, giving an elegant and mysterious artistic experience. Not deep v-necks can show your modest. This kind of short wedding dresses are suitable for all body shapes.

wedding dresses
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4. Square neckline satin dresses

If you wouldn’t like to show too much, I think that square neckline will become your best choice. The design mainly meets the modest requirements. The satin is very comfortable and it is shiny. However, you also want to find the balance of modest and sexy feeling. Just make it shorter than knee length. The flowers and beautiful sash on the waist are attractive, adding vitality and beauty.

wedding dress
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5 Tips to buy right bridesmaid dresses

Now that you have confirmed the wedding date. It is time for you to choose right bridesmaid dresses. Today i will talk about some tips. Take note of what is beneficial for you and put it into practice. And you will notice that finding right bridesmaid dresses is not very difficult for you. You need to make sure that your bridesmaid dresses match your wedding dress. Actually, we got many tips to help you find the nice dresses for your girls.

bridesmaid dress

1. Tips One : Browse

There are many ways to get the relevant infomation. You can register in pinterest and start to search for bridesmaid dresses. A large amount of bridesmiad dresses can be found there. From simple to relatively complex dresses, various stylish and modern dresses are available there. In addition, it is a good and direct way to browse relevant wedding site. If you look through magazines or browsing online, mark the pages or save images to your inspiration board. Finally, you can decide what kind of bridesmaid dresses you want.

2. Tips Two :Control Your Budget

Here are some advice for the budget of dresses. You need to consider your bridesmaid’s actual lifestyles. If it is has the possibility that your wedding will become a financial burden for some bridesmaids. Then look for the dresses in cost-effective price. Or you can decide the dress color and let them choose their favorite style.

3. Tips Three : Shopping Style

Before you begin to buy dresses, decide what kind of shopping experience is your preference. If you have strong opinions, you had better shop alone or just take one bridesmaid. So it can avoid the waste of time and endless argument. On the contrary, gather your bridesmaid together and give guideness to them, such as color or fabric. Let them choose the ones they want.

4. Insist A Schedule

In order to make sure your wedding theme match your style, don’t plan to consider the bridesmaid dresses unless you confirm your wedding dress.

5. Find The Suitable Size

Confirm the size according to the guidance. If one of your bridesmaid would like to buy a size smaller, let her know it is much easier to alter a bigger dress. So if the dress is too small, it is nearly impossible to make the alterations. So she have to order a new one. So you won’t willing to see the result.

How to choose your wedding dress in summer

As we all know, many couples tend to choose warm seasons as their wedding date. However, it is very important for us to choose suitable wedding dresses in summer. Please take notes of what should be pay attention to. Besides, you had better know your wedding theme or wedding venue before you select your wedding dress. In this way, you can get suitable dress and have a perfect wedding. When the wedding comes, what you just need to do is enjoying the unforgettable day and keeping smile all day. Of course, it is a happy smile.

1. Garden Wedding

If you would like to hold a garden wedding. There are many kinds of wedding dresses matching the garden wedding. The gorgeous Knee-length wedding dresses will stand out. It is very convenient for you to walk and take part in different activities. Besides, you will feel very cool. If you would like to show you legs and at the same time don’t want show too much, the Knee-length dress is the best choice.


short wedding dress
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2. Beach Wedding

If you would like to have a beach wedding, It will be romantic to choose short wedding dresses. Of course, the floor-length dress is also suitable. However, don’t try to choose dresses with trains. Because it will become very difficult for you to walk along the beach. Even though you can require your bridesmaids to carry the train, your bridesmaids will feel stressful and not free.

beach wedding

Short Wedding Dress
beach wedding dress
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Floor Length Dress
beach wedding dress
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3. Church Wedding
As we all know, the atmosphere is relatively serious in church. So it will be great for the brides to choose vintage wedding dresses or other wedding dresses which won’t show too much skin. There are also many suitable wedding dresses for church wedding.


vintage wedding dress

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4 ideas to reuse your wedding veil

In an age where recycling things is more fashionable than ever, the bridal veil you used at your wedding could not be different. Here are some ideas to give you a second chance. Surely you will find some that you will love!

wedding veil

After the affection with which you have chosen your wedding dress and all its accessories, such as your wonderful bridal bouquet, it is no wonder that you reuse some accessories, such as, bridal shoes, especially if they can be dyed. In this case we are going to focus on the bridal veil and the different ways to take advantage of it. Take note of these ideas.

1. A beautiful canopy for your baby’s crib

There are different veils in the type of fabric as well as in measurements and shapes. You will know that, because you have chosen one of the veil hairstyles that best suits you and your dress. Any veil can be reused in one form or another. If it is a long veil, you can use it to make curtains for a possible future baby’s room, as decoration for the bass of your crib or as a precious canopy for your crib. It can also become a complement to your christening or be the protagonist of a beautiful session of photos of newborn or pregnancy.

wedding veil

2. A wonderful party shawl

If you do not want to wait to be a mom, you can use it to make a lovely bass for a skirt or dress or a cancan to give volume. It will add a special touch if you use it as a complement to a prom dress. It will be a design that you will surely be able to show off on many occasions and that, in addition, will be twice as special thanks to that.

A veil can also turn into a magnificent party shawl to accompany that red party dress, when you attend as a guest to some special event. If your veil is long, there is still the option to dye it, so you can make several shawls in basic colors and so you can combine them, depending on the dress you are going to look for the occasion.

3. An affectionate tutu for your favorite girl

If you would like to wish good luck to a future bride, you can give her a piece of your veil (to her and all the future brides of your wedding) to take him, for example, in the hilt of her bouquet. I’m sure you’re looking forward to it. And if you have your favorite girl nearby, you can get her a tutu for when she takes her first ballet steps.

wedding veil

4. That nice collage for your new home

A perfect option to decorate your home is to design a mural with a part of the veil or frame. You can add photos of your wedding, for example, or some other complement that you want to save forever.

Honeymoon in Africa: 5 Gorgeous destinations

If you are crazy about adventure and belong to explorers, like Livingstone, be prepared to discover paradises such as the mysterious Zanzibar, the spectacular Victoria Falls, the magical Botswana or the island of Madagascar. Africa awaits you!

sea and sunset

You are immersed in the preparations for day “B”. Despite looking for wedding dress, supervising hairdressing tests to choose between so many wedding hairstyles, or try to find a comfortable wedding shoes, continue with your partner turning your wedding trip. You have always dreamed of going to Africa. Perhaps your honeymoon is the time to discover this fascinating continent.


1. Discover Kenya and rest in Mauritius

We’re going on safari! Kenya offers adventure and relaxation. A perfect combination for couples who want to enjoy wild nature and dream beaches. During this trip do not miss Lake Nukuru, the Masai Mara Reserve, lions’ habitat, leopards, elephants … It is essential to see the snows of Kilimanjaro in the National Park of Ambolesi and the flights of the pink flamingos of Lake Bogoria . Anything else? You can not go without fulfilling a dream: a game drive or photographic safari. Put the salacot and … throw you to meet the wildlife. When you look at the savannah, you notice the acacias, which, when they stand in front of the sun, create magical sunsets.

Finish your honeymoon on one of the most wonderful islands in Africa: Mauritius, with paradisiacal beaches and oasis among palms in the Indian Ocean. Its romantic beaches, like le Morne Brabant, with white sand and one of the most welcoming of the island; Mont Choisy, very popular with the inhabitants of Mauritius; Tro aux Biches, Belle Mare, Tamarin, ideal for surfing, or Roches Noires.


2. Get lost in Tanzania and approach Zanzibar

In two weeks it is possible to see most of the national parks of northern Tanzania, including the one of Serengueti, known for its impressive landscapes.

Do not leave without visiting Zanzibar, the island of spices, located in the Indian Ocean a few kilometers off the coast of Tanzania. It is an idyllic place to escape the world. Here you will enjoy crystal-clear turquoise waters and deserted beaches. If you have time, do The Spice Tour, a visit to lush spice plantations (cloves, cinnamon trees, pepper shakers …).


3. Explore Botswana, one of the most fascinating countries in Africa

Botswana, one of the most fascinating countries in southern Africa, borders south and southeast with South Africa, west and north with Namibia. The interior delta of Okavongo is one of the main attractions of the country. Tour your canals in “mokoros”, the traditional canoes of the country. You can also photograph the fauna of the area, enjoy one of the best sunsets in the world and approach the National Parks of Moremi and Chobe in northern Botswana, one of the most unknown and fascinating areas of Africa. Between the two parks they reunite to more than 60,000 elephants. Anything else? A romantic night under the stars in the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park or go hiking in the Tuli Game Reserve.

4. Once in a lifetime: Victoria Falls

Called by the kelolo “mosi-oa-tunya” natives, the Victoria Falls show the powerful waterfalls of the Zambezi River, on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Victoria Falls are a wonder of nature that convey strength and beauty. The overwhelming Zambeze River Falls doubles the size of Niagara Falls and raises a cloud of water in the colors of the rainbow. Unforgettable!

Victoria falls

5. Fall in love with Madagascar

The island of Madagascar is the largest in Africa and the fourth largest in the world. It is located in the Indian Ocean and is home to unique species such as lemurs and baobabs. Do not miss:

Antananarivo. Capital of Madagascar, it has a beautiful colonial architecture. Do not miss the Lastelle stairs, which go up the rock of Ambatonakanga and take you to Independence Square and Zoma, the market of the city.

Nosy Be. A small island of Madagascar, where you can enjoy its paradisiac beaches. Rent a boat to sail and watch dolphins and whales. In Nosy Be are volcanic lakes, rum distilleries, ylang ylang plantations and colorful reefs.

Reserve of Anja. You will see lemurs, chameleons and boas of Madagascar, among many other species. Make a stop at its natural viewpoints, from which you can enjoy spectacular views of the reserve.

Ampefy. It is a volcanic region with lakes and one of the most incredible geysers on the planet, Analavory.


If you still think of an adventurous honeymoon, you will soon decide that Africa is your continent. To enjoy this trip you will only have to save a little more. If you have not yet chosen the wedding invitations, choose one with a tighter price or fall in love with a simple bouquet between bridal bouquets. Anything to discover the magic and magic of Africa!

Of course, there are also other beautiful wedding destinations.

6 things the bride and groom are looking for

Do you want to have a new way of seeing life and organizing your very special wedding? Take note of everything that sets you apart from other couples.

Bride and Groom

Do you think of some creative ideas? Personalized ceremonies, colorful bridal tarts, vintage wedding dresses, handmade wedding invitations, alternative wedding details … Although unconventional, romanticism and rituals are present in all weddings, adapting to the new times and the Philosophy of a generation that has clear that it wants to enjoy every moment of its life.

1. The protagonism of social networks

From explaining your experience on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, to create hashtags to share your event with guests and friends.
Social software

2. A rustic and country atmosphere

The open air and open spaces are preferred by the millennials, who will decorate the place with exquisite taste to turn it into a fairytale setting. Also the photos of your wedding will often be framed by nature.

Wedding photo

3. Style boho chic, yes of course

The boho chic is the style of brides millennial. Many will get splendid designs at thrift stores or customizing their mother’s wedding dress. Ibiza-style and somewhat hippie-style signatures are their favorites and, of course, they favor vintage bridal gowns accompanied by delicate and wonderful natural bridal bouquets.

4. We love handmade

Millenials grooms love everything genuine, and if they can do it themselves, the better. Decorations, homemade wedding invitations, confection of the bridal bouquet … Everything seems to be handmade and, often, they download internet instructions with templates or drawings to produce all kinds of manual work for your link.


5. Thematic weddings: medieval, viking, celtic …

These young people who are superinformed and lovers of audiovisual culture are able to recreate themed weddings inspired by what they are most passionate about: cinema, nature, music …

6. Intimate ceremonies with their own rituals

From the sand to the candle ceremony, it is quite possible that millennial couples choose to celebrate alternative rituals to traditional ones, surrounding themselves only with their closest friends and family, and fleeing great celebrations with hundreds of guests. Proximity and warmth are your top priority.

Wedding Ceremony

4 Good Ideas For arranging Your Outdoor Wedding

Would you like to arrangement your wedding outdoors? Of course, it will be very beautiful, However, you have to many things take into account to make everything perfect. Take note of these information, then you will not miss anything!

Outdoors Wedding

It is very important for you to keep some details in mind: your wedding hairstyle has to be practical to withstand the wind instead of just good-looking appearance, your wedding shoes should be comfortable … Even if you will have everything controlled. These kinds of weddings need a little preparation.

Outdoors Wedding

1. Your good look is …

Yes, it is your dream to choose a beautiful princess wedding dress and you can’t stop thinking about the wonderful tulle that you have chosen. However, have you thought about whether it is the best match for an outdoor wedding? Without doubt, you can choose whatever you want, but remember that your look also has to be the most practical. Choose a simple wedding dress that is not too bulky and with which you can walk through the garden or the beach comfortably. Something similar happens with your hairstyle: that the wind does not play tricks on you.

2. The most durable makeup

Do not forget that your makeup should be prepared to maintain enough hours in the open air: chat with your makeup artist and let her know that your wedding will be outdoors. A good foundation, sun block and a waterproof mask are very necessary to keep you perfect and beautiful.

outdoor wedding

3. I love plan B

An outdoor wedding is gorgeous, but it also has its risks and accident. Rain or wind can cloud the happiest day of your life: so it is necessary to think of a plan b. It is good to select a mobile tent or think of a safer alternative location. Then you do not get caught by surprise and you will have a perfect wedding.

4. It’s my dream place but …

Think about your guests. Sometimes that dream place is not going to be comfortable because it is difficult to reach. Before you decide where it is, study the location. You will also need to celebrate the ceremony (chairs, tents …)

If you have chosen a hidden place, such as a remote and hidden beach, make sure that all the attendees know how to get there. Give them simple directions, especially if you think that at some point the road may confuse you. An idea? Install small signs indicating where to go.