The Best Ideas To Surprise Your Boyfriend On Wedding Day

Would you like to surprise your future husband on the wedding day? Surely you have been already thinking about something.


There are many times when you surprise your partner with a special detail or an unexpected gift, either before the ceremony or during the party. While the wedding songs sound or when you distribute the wedding details. The most important thing is that it is something only for him, that especially excites him and reminds him how much you love him.

Breakfast in bed

The last breakfast as a bachelor has to be held in high regard. You can hire a catering or a specialized service at home. So when you wake up you will find a fantastic breakfast with a precious note of yours.

Prepare a video of your love story

Make a video with pictures of your love story, add texts and recorded voicemails. If you do it in advance, take the time to think about the songs for the wedding video.

Video with pictures

Dedicate a banner

This fun idea can make you more bearable waiting at the altar, while you have just put on your lace wedding dress and you are on the road accompanied by your godfather. Ask your bridesmaids or your friends to show your boyfriend with banners that will convey your message. “Wait for me, you’ll never have to do it again.” Or “From today my mission is to make you the happiest man in the world.”

Write a book or dedicate a photo album

This gift is very special for lovers of books. If you are one of those who have exchanged many emails, mobile messages or letters during your relationship, it can be a fantastic idea to collect all that romantic stuff in a notebook or a book.

Inspire yourself in the crafts you used in the homemade wedding invitations that you sent only to the children of your families. You could present the book or the album with that same style. And if writing a story is a lot for you, you can make a photo album with romantic comments and phrases that you like.


Ask the chef to cook his favorite dish
Keep it a secret. Even if the banquet includes a closed menu, it will not be difficult for you to ask the chef to prepare your boyfriend’s favorite dish on the day of the wedding.

Prepare your favorite songs!

Another option is to prepare a CD with your favorite songs, those that remind your and those that have been part of your love story. In addition, you can then give that CD to the guests or transform it into the soundtrack of your wedding. There is nothing better than good background music as you prepare to take the big step.


Write a letter

Write a letter where you tell him everything you feel now before the wedding arrive. Hide it somewhere in the house and give clues that will allow you to reach it. When your boy gets up in the morning, give him directions to find the first clue and start the game. This will relax you a little.

Surprise him at the end of the ceremony

It does not have to be very expensive. You know you love sports cars or you dream about a vintage convertible. If your boyfriend likes cars, rent one that he likes very much for that day and he has always wanted to drive. It will take a huge surprise and a great joy.

If you put any of these ideas into practice, you will not be able to avoid walking towards the altar with a half smile. Surely you will be imagining the surprise image when he receives his gift. And while the day is coming, sure to come up with many original wedding ideas!

What will you do with your wedding bouquet after the wedding?

You can throw it, give it to someone who is very special or simply keep it forever. If you still have not decided, do not miss the practical ideas. I I I am sure that it is very inspiring!


Surely you’re already to find the wedding dress of your dreams and look for those bridal shoes that you like. However, have you thought about what you are going to do with your bridal bouquet, once the ceremony is over? Traditionally the bouquet is sent to single guests. But if you want your bouquet to another destination, there are more options. We will reveal them to you next.

Give it to someone who is very special

It may be the easiest, but also the most complicated. Because you have to think to whom you are going to give it. Tradition forces you to give it to the friend who is closest to getting married or a single friend. In order to comply with the protocol, you must do it before dessert.

However, beyond protocols and traditions, is there anyone special who has supported you in difficult times? Maybe your mother, your sister or your maid of honor has helped you to organize the wedding by giving you hours of your time. Find the right time at the banquet and give your bouquet. Or maybe you just have a grandmother and you want to show her all the love. Surely it is a unforgettable moment.

You can also give a bouquet to each guest as a symbol of good fortune. Surely you will surprise them all when they see your original wedding ideas! More proposals? You can make several replicas of your bouquet and deliver them to several people.


The dance of the branch

You may not know the so-called “dance of the bouquet”. This practice is becoming popular to replace its traditional launch. But what is it? The DJ play a slow song and ask married couples to dance on the dance floor. After a minute, she asks the couples who have been married for less than five years to return to their seats. Then it is also asked to couples who are less than ten years, less than fifteen, and so on. When there is only a single couple on the track, the couple will approach them to give them the bouquet. It can be a fun idea for the wedding.

Throw it in the air

It has a special meaning. It is often said that the girl who is lucky enough to pick it up will be the next to dress in white. You throw the bouquet back to the same group of friends who accompanied you at the bachelorette party and who have shared with you all the preparation of your wedding. Throw it with energy, make it go over your head, above all, do not fall right behind your shoes.


Give your elder or family member away

It is possible that someone who was well-liked could not attend the wedding due to health reasons. Is your grandmother very old and has she missed the wedding? Make a visit the next day and give your bouquet to her. It is a nice gesture and will comfort you a little.
It may also be dear someone who has died shortly before the wedding. Save the bouquet to deposit it in the cemetery. You can organize a small ceremony with the guests who want to attend.

Keep it forever

And if you would like to stay the wedding bouquet as a souvenir? There are several techniques for preserving it. The florists offer a service to dry or freeze the natural bridal bouquets. Desiccated flowers with paraffin can be stored in glass, and those dried by freezing can be exposed in a vase. They can also be pressed to make a decorative picture. Some jewelry stores use techniques to keep small flowers in resin and create pendants or rings. Obviously, this is not necessary with artificial bridal bouquets. bouquet

Perhaps you don’t choose the bouquet for your wedding, it is time to look for gorgeous wedding bouquet.

4 essential tips to choose your ideal wedding hairstyle

If you want to wear the gorgeous and super special hairstyle that you have always dreamed of for your wedding day, do not miss out on these practical and useful expert tips that can also serve you any time. You will not regret!

You have already purchased the most comfortable wedding shoes and chosen your favorite wedding dress. And you will be the center of the looks on your big day. Now fetch the perfect bridal bouquet and, of course, do the make-up and hairstyle test. We give you the keys to make it right when choosing your ideal hairstyle considering many factors, such as your style or the time of the celebration of the ceremony. Take note of all the tips to shine brighter than ever on your big day!

1. Stay true to your style
Without a doubt, you should choose a hairstyle with which you feel comfortable and identified. Of course not every day you’re dressed for a big celebration, but the final look must be true to your style and personality. So, if your character is casual, an informal hairstyle will go with you. Do you consider yourself more classic? With a high updo you will succeed.

2. Consider the shape of your face
If your face is oval, all the hairstyles will feel good. It is said that these are the perfect proportions! In this case you can choose, for example, to leave the hair loose or to pick it up in a braid. In order to hide a round face, you can make a hairstyle with strands falling to the sides. More options? The high collections: give volume and create a more balanced face effect.

On the contrary, if your face is elongated you will love lateral pickups or even loose hair. Does your face has a triangular shape, with a narrow forehead and wider width at the cheekbones? Soften the cheeks with strands and try to wear a hairstyle with bangs to give greater prominence to this area. Finally, the diamond-shaped faces do well with loose long hair.

3. How tall are you?
If you are tall, you do not fit very well with high and high volumes collected, but were much more appropriate with low collects. On the other hand, if you are of short stature, you will look great with a simple hairstyle. You had better not overdo it with too complex hairstyle. hairstyle

4. Wedding at noon or at night?
The time of the wedding celebration also influences the type of hairstyle. If it is tomorrow, it is good to choose a more informal and natural style, such as braids or loose hair. On the other hand, if you give the “yes, I want” in the afternoon, you should go more sophisticated, like with elegant bows or veil hairstyles.

Among the myriad existing wedding hairstyles, choose the one with the criterion that best suits you. Why have not we talked about your hair type? Because even if you have it curly, smooth or wavy, which is an aspect that the hairdresser can easily transform if you would. So now it’s only a matter of setting the most unforgettable day of your life, to choose those fantastic wedding songs that will configure the soundtrack of your day.

When you know the hairstyles, it is time to buy the gorgeous A-line wedding dress or short wedding dress for your big day. However, will provide a big dress collection for you.

Would you like to get married on a boat?

Getting married on a boat is the dream of many couples. If you want to get it right, keep in mind what we tell you in this article. Do you have any doubts about it? We’ll clear them all!
Gardens, farms … Although these are the most usual options to celebrate your big day, you can also do it on a ship. However, no matter how exciting it is, you should raise some doubts. What is the validity of the ceremony? What are the most appropriate wedding details to entertain guests? Do we carry all the wedding songs recorded or can we hire the services of a DJ? Will our guests be able to walk on the deck in long party dresses? We found all the answers on World Oceans Day.

What is the validity of the plan?
You should decide in advance if you want the wedding to be official, since then, usually, it will be officiated by the captain. Although you can also count on the presence of a priest if you want to endow it with a religious character. Another alternative is that the act is merely symbolic.
Another important decision is whether the process will take place outdoors, or you prefer to celebrate it on a closed deck. The time of the year in which you get married can be decisive, but since everything depends on the climatic conditions, you must agree a plan B in case you thought to do it outdoors but the day is rainy or windy.

How many guests wil attend?
It can range from an intimate wedding to a truly multitudinous event attended by hundreds of people. Schooners, historic boats, sailing catamarans, luxury yachts and even ferries can be rented for the bride and groom to celebrate the bond. It is common that they include service, catering for the banquet as well as the decor. If you wish, you can take a DJ.

The advantage of the bigger boats is that you can have a cabin where you take off the wedding dress that you like so much and put on other clothes which are more comfortable. In addition, you will enjoy your first sunrise together as married on the seas. And spectacular views! Is it seductive?

How to avoid dizziness?
All boats move, but the larger ones fluctuate less. For example, a sailboat or a schooner will always move more than a large catamaran. Keep in mind that anchored in a cove or on a beach the boat will oscillate more than moored in a port, so if you fear for the dizziness of your guests, this is also an option. Although the truth is that if you are going to celebrate the wedding in a boat, one of the most exciting experiences is to sail through dreamlike landscapes.

Can I hold a theme wedding?

Surely no one misses a wedding on a boat. The versatility of the spaces will allow you to design them if you feel like it. For example, you can think of an Ibiza-like environment in which hippy looks predominate. A natural hairstyle or a diadem with natural flowers will suit you. Another fun idea for your wedding is the pirate theme. In that case, among the romantic songs can not miss Your pirate is me, Chayanne. Guests will also feel the original gifts for weddings with marine references, such as little bottles with sand with a small writing inside, soaps in the form of sea shells …

Will the budget go up?
There are options for all budgets and, of course, the price chart will depend on the number of guests and exclusive and luxurious that you want the celebration to be. In any case, it is advisable to compare the prices of at least three companies. These should detail in the budget all the services that they offer, so that you can decide which provides the best price-quality ratio. boat

After you confirm the wedding venue, you can choose the wedding dress according to the wedding venue. Because it is on the boat, there are two kinds of wedding dresses suiting you.

1. The beach wedding dress, you will feel comfortable and easy. Head to :
wedding dress
the source :
2. The short wedding dress. Head to:
wedding dress
the source :

Tips not to overlook wedding details

The wedding day is very meaningful for the couples. It is a good ending for two falling in love with each other. Later, they will work hard for the new family and struggle for the happiness. In the daily life, once one of them is sad or trapped in the predicament, the other will help him or her with encouragement words or kind behavior. However, let us get back into the reality. As we all know, it will cost plenty of money and take a long time to hold a wedding. So it is very necessary for you to know the details like overtime, change and cleaning. Because if you confirm the details, you can keep the budge in a reasonable range. I will talk about some normal charges which are easily forgotten.

1. Don’t forget the band equipment
Once you hire the wedding band, you need to confirm the fees with the wedding band. It will cover the fee for the time and some necessary musician equipment. Besides, if your reception occupied much space, you should ask the wedding band for suggestion. After that, you will know how many equipment will be added to create a good atmosphere.

Tips: Before hiring your wedding band, if they don’t talk about the space, you should add it to your conversation. So they will check it with you. Finally, you will know whether they add the additional equipment. Ask them about the reasons and sign a contract and pay for others.

2. Pay attention to the postage stamps
Stationers maybe don’t show the fee for shipping costs. If they show the fee, you will find that the uniquely shaped, heavy invitations will cost much money. So you would like to choose the relatively simple invitations cards.

Tips: Find the simple invitation cards and skip the multilayer cards, which will save a lot of money.Find more ideas to save your cost.
wedding invitation

Some ideas about the wedding rehearsal

As we all know, as the wedding day is coming, the couples will pay attention to the rehearsal dinner. Beside, in my opinion, it is very important for you to prepare the wedding rehearsal itself. We need to focus on the process of the wedding rehearsal. If we make use of the time for the wedding rehearsal. So before you go to the dinner, we recommend you to ask yourself about the next questions.

Who will manage the whole process?
You need to consider the first thing. It is very important for the people to know who will run the rehearsal. Maybe you hire a wedding planner, or just one of your family member. No matter who the person is, the person will pay attention to the all process and make sure that everything is going on well. He will guide the others to do the relevant things. And the guests, your close family members and other people will solve the relevant problem and make the process goes smoothly and in order.
wedding planner
What is the wedding lineup? It is necessary for the couples to consider what the order the beautiful bridesmaids and handsome groomsmen will stand when the bride goes down the aisle. As for the wedding party members, they should remember how to stand correctly. They need to know who are in front of and who are behind them. So I believe if they keeps it in mind, the wedding day will go on very smoothly and successfully without big confusion. If the bride would like to line your bridesmaids up by height, so you need to inform your bridesmaids to wear the shoes or high heels that will occur on the next day.
wedding lineup

Some tips to save your money about the wedding decoration

Pineapple can be seen in the street. Pineapple is a kind of fruit and it also can be a element of decoration. Maybe you are trying one because of its delicious taste. Now, I will tell that the pineapple is very hot element of the wedding decoration.
It is very popular wedding style added with Hawaii style for the brides in the recent two years. The main element is pineapple, tropical plant, and decorated with pink color and gold color. The whole things will be a nice Hawaii beach party. Recently, the cup of Starbucks belong to the theme.

The pineapple sees not smooth on the surface, but it has many colors, which can take place of the stunning flowers to be the table decoration. People will love this. table with pineapple

Sometimes, some brides will be very creative. They will hollow out the pulp and use it as a vase. The combination of the pineapple and flowers will be very nice. The detail will wow your guests. pineapple

It is also very cool to print a gold paint on the pineapple. However, I don’t recommend to do it. In my opinion, the original pineapple will be more beautiful. pineapple

Yes, it is also to use the Ferrero decorated with green leaves to become a fake pineapple. It is very nice and attractive.

Just look around your home and you will find that many tools can be used as the wedding decoration. If you have bicycle in you home. So it is time to diy the wedding decoration. It is very suitable for you to put your bicycle near the welcome board or the direction board. Then you can add the flowers and balloon on the bicycle. It will definitely wow your guests. In my opinion, it can also cut down your expenses. wedding bicycle wedding bicycle

How to make your wedding speech perfect

Maybe your wedding will be held in the following months. So you will buy the gorgeous wedding dresses and stunning bridesmaid dresses for the wedding. Besides, you need to plan many activities for the wedding. In order to make your guests impressed with your personable wedding, there are many things to be considered. One of them is about the wedding speech. First, ask someone on your big day to make a speech. Of course, the person chosen would like to keep things funny and interesting. So today will talk about some tips to make the guests laughing out loud on the big day.

1. Find the inspiration
It is suitable for you to find the inspiration from the internet. You could gather your friends together. Let them say their thoughts and opinions. In another word, it is the brainstorm ideas. Don’t be too serious, you could go to the cinema and talk with your friends. It is a good idea to play some rock music to create a easy and simple atmosphere. In this way, they will spark your creativity. Add some jokes to the conversation, you will find that everyone is thoughtful and is full of creativity.
2. Make the speech short
As we all know, the audience will lose their patience if the speech is tedious and boring although they are polite as a audience. So it is very important to manage the time and make it as short as possible. It is very suitable for you to make the speech in two or three minutes long. In this way, the audience will find that your speech is very interesting and are willing to focus on it. speech

3. Practice is very important.
It is obvious that you could express your thoughts very fluently after you practice the content for many times, even you could say it out in your dream. The more you can memorize your speech, the better it will sound. You needn’t to worry that you will forget the content and become very embarrassed. The next thing you need to do is to make the speech with your emotion. Your will be confident naturally.

Tips to plan your wedding

Wedding is a important and big in every bridal’s life. Because it will last a long time after the new couple decided to get married. There are many plans needed to be done including the wedding venue, wedding invitation, catering, DJ and so on. I make a survey about many weddings. I find that many brides couldn’t make the venue , theme and dress match.

According to the weddings I analyzed. Here are some tips to help the new couples to guide them before the wedding. Of course, you can take these tips as the reference. It couldn’t be better to find a way to transform these steps to the your steps. Finally, it will produce a new vision in the perfect way possible.

1. Give priority to the wedding venue
I always emphasize the importance of this one key idea. When my friends ask me for advice, i will tell them about the focus on the wedding venue at first and leave the others alone. In the collection of the venue, you will gradually find the relevant venue you prefer. In the process where you select the venue, finally you will become defined about the wedding vision.
For example, you originally want to give your wedding a blue and white look. But you plan to book a lounge and it has red carpeting, you may would like to adjust your palette to add some green, blue and white instead.
Edit your inspiration board.
wedding venue

2. Edit your inspiration board
Maybe you will buy some magazines or find a another quick way, such as find the relevant content in pinterest board. After you accept your partner’s request and say yes to him, now you could start to edit. Just take a look at your photo inspiration, you probably can find three entirely different weddings. However, it is not a bad thing for you to worry about. In my opinion, at the beginning of the plan, three is definitely not too much.
The next thing is to narrow down the images which stand for the thoughts you want to incorporate. As for each photo, you need to say a specific reason.
Inspiration board

7 Wedding Dresses That Rocked the Fashion World In 2017

When purchasing a wedding dress what do you want to do? Do you want to go with a classic look independent of the current style? Do you want a modern chic look according to current trends? Or do you want to just choose whatever looks the prettiest. When choosing a wedding dress if you choose a dress from current style then you can save a lot of time, money and also look extremely chic on your wedding. If you are someone who follows fashion regularly and is looking for a latest style wedding dress then read below for 7 wedding dresses that rocked the fashion world in 2017:

Plain Chic Wedding Dresses

Well, who knew in 2017 we would be returning to the classics. If you admire classics then you can just buy a plain silk dress of classic style and you won’t only be following your heart desire but you will also be following the latest runway wedding trends of 2017.

Tea Length Dresses

If you’re a fan of dresses that are not touching the ground. Then go for an elegant tea length wedding dress in 2017. You can wear it with elegance and again return to the classic old style then you should opt for a tea length dress in 2017


Sheer has always been hot. If you are confident enough to pull off a sheer dress then you can pull off anything. In 2017 we have seen runways full of sheer dresses, that make the brides look beautiful and make them feel hot. So, when you go for your wedding dress shopping then don’t forget to try a sheer dress with low front and back V.

Off the Shoulder

If you want to really follow the bridal fashion of 2017 then you need to go for off the shoulder white beauty that will make you look mesmerizing in the pictures and is a dress that you can pass down to your daughter or someone in your family, because off the shoulder never goes out of style.

Low V

In 2017 we are seeing a lot of traditional bridal dresses make a comeback, and low V is one of that. However, low V neck never really went out of style and we don’t think it will go out of style in near future.

Colored Dresses

The concept of wearing colored bridal dresses does not seem much in style. However, in 2017 if you are a bride who always wanted to go for a color dress, you can find different options because fashion world is rocked by colored dresses such as following:

High Necked Gowns

Want to go for a princess look, on your grand wedding? Then you need to go for a high necked wedding gown like the following:

In 2017, we are mostly seeing traditional wedding dresses making a comeback to fashion. High necked gowns for grand wedding looks to tea length dresses for small but elegant functions.