The nine big trends of bridal gowns in 2018.

1. Princess Cloak

Designers believe that you will skip the veil ,wear your wedding dress with a unique shawl on your wedding day as you so like Snow white. Whether they are long,medium or mini, shawls will always shining on the wedding fashion week. I believe that the bride will like this trend next winter.


2. Short jackets with wedding dress

Don’t like to go to Disneyland? No problem!We have many wedding dresses carefully paired with cool short jackets, decorated with beautiful lace which you can choose from.We promise that this will not only be the dress you can wear on your wedding day, but also the clothes you can wear after marriage.


3, false sleeves
According to the trend of the wedding dress, designers are still keen on show the bride’s shoulders ,but in this season this trend will be intermittent .Detached sleeve changed from the fluffy fashionable lace to the trend of slim and lace, this created a beautiful shoulder dress actually it is a strapless dress.

4, middle length skirt swing
Beijing Wedding Shop appeals to all Audrey Hepburn fans! The newest trend of wedding dress length is directly pulled out of the goddess’s wardrobe screen in 1950s. Another feeling for designers in the next autumn is the wedding dress with medium length swing .This sweet trend makes the bride to be reborn. Retro fashion is a classic form that many brides want.


5 pink and nude
Pink and nude color are a new red trend. From Naeem Khan’s pink, peach and Elie Saab, Alexandra Grecco, Inbal Dror and so on, the romantic wedding trend will continue.

6. Mini wedding dress
In the fall of 2018, all the brides should show their legs, although there are a lot of dresses that look graceful but this doesn’t mean that the designer won’t break it. The mini wedding dress and shorts are not abandoned because of the popularity. Whether it’s a complete miniskirt or a modern suit or even a short suit, next year’s bride will dare to show it.


7.Pantsuit wedding dress
In the wedding dress series in the spring and summer of 2018, there are various types of pantsuit wedding dress, which not only have a simple and sharp cutting, but also a combination of the trend elements of the season

8. The bow tie of the shoulder
The bow tie are not new to the trend of wedding, but there is a new classic in this season. On the bridal fashion week, the position of the bow is on the shoulders.

9, minimalism
Beijing Wedding Shop sometimes feels simple is the best! It can also be used on gorgeous wedding dresses. Without heavy decoration, without too many cumbersome, only a clean look and full of modern design, the interpretation of the simplest happiness, which makes us all desire to the minimalism of the 90s.


4 Tips to purchase bridal gowns online

I believe that most people enjoy the convenience of online shopping. Good quality at cheaper price attract them to purchase items online. Today i will tell some tips to purchase bridal gowns online. Take notes of them.

Long time ago, there was a little girl. When she watched snow white, she had a dream that she would like to wear a white dress. I believe that every girl had a such dream. While the wedding date is confirmed, there must be a variety of things waiting for them. From invitation cards, wedding banquets, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, wedding style, wedding venue to others. The couple will feel very busy. Some brides will choose to loose weight to show nice side on her big day.


1. Choose two more online stores

When you have many choices, you will know which one is more suitable for you. Whether the price, promotions, delivery date or customer service. You can match it and let the best store make your dress. Try to avoid to choose dresses at too low price, because the cost of dress always keep one level, if price is not reasonable, the quality will not satisfy you. Of course, if you buy a dress at high price, dress comes with a small flaw won’t meet your expectations. Remember to ask many questions, only you know more about the product, you can enjoy a nice online shopping.

2. Confirm your info twice

Sometimes people will make mistakes and it couldn’t be avoided. Before you place the order, you need to confirm all your info. Such as dress picture, shipping address, the number of dresses. If you don’t get what you want, it will bring trouble to you, mainly about your time and strength. You have other things to do. If you have enough time, this can be solved. So buy your dress in advance, at least one month. Alterations should be taken into consideration.

3. Ask your friends for advice

If you don’t want to find online store, you can ask your friends for advice. They usually have good shopping experience online. They will recommend some stores to you. Then you need to contact with them and know their situation. At the bottom of the site or dress page, there usually are important info which you are interested in.


4. The variety of wedding dresses

Simple style, sophisticated series, all varieties of wedding dresses can be found in many sites. You need to know which color you prefer. They usually have white and ivory. You can decide the color depending on your skin color. If you have alluring shoulder, we recommend that you choose strapless dresses, sweetheart series, v neck series. They are very popular in most of brides. If your destination is beach, beach wedding dresses are very suitable.


Wish all of you have a perfect wedding.

7 Tips to select dreamy wedding dresses before wedding

Every girl has a dream of wearing beautiful wedding dresses. Wedding dresses are very significant and indispensable for every bride. How to select a dreamy wedding dress is very important before wedding.

Wedding Dresses

Here are 7 tips. Be a confident bride and you won’t be too anxious.

1. Confirm the budget

Before you buy bridal dress, you need to consider how much it will cost. Follow your budget. If you choose to buy it in the local store, you should consider alteration fee and Postage fee.

2. Know your wedding dress style

Wedding style will depend on wedding venue, season and other factors. Choose your wedding dresses according to your wedding time and theme style. If wedding is held outdoors, you had better pick a sleeve dress or shawl to prevent yourself from tanning. Select a thick wedding dress in winter, choose a little thin dress in summer.

3. Dress fabric

Fabric is the most crucial factor in determining the quality of a wedding dress. Wedding dress is generally made of satin, gauze or lace fabric. Good fabric has bright colors, them feel soft and comfortable.

4. Wedding Dress Production

Wedding production is divided into hand-made and machine-made. Now most of the wedding dresses are the combination of manual and mechanic methods. Handmade wedding are more sophisticated.The details are more perfect. Most senior wedding belong to hand-made.

wedding dress

5. Style Design

There are a variety of styles of wedding dresses. For neckline style, strapless, off-Shoulder, deep V-Neck, scoop, high neck. For silhouette, sheath, A-line, ball gown, mermaid. You could try on different style. Mermaid wedding dresses and lace wedding dresses are very popular. Finally, you will know which one is your favorite.

6. Pay attention to details

The details of the dress directly reflects the quality of one thing. Lace and the pearl above the lace are particularly important. Pay attention to check whether the suture is sturdy, whether there are redundant thread, whether it is different.

dress details

7. Suitable Size

When you choose wedding dresses, you need to know the main size, bust, waist, hips and height. You had better choose bigger dress instead of smaller dress. Because it is easier to make alterations for bigger dress.

wedding dress store

Tips to prepare your wedding

flower and ring

Wedding is a significant and important event in people’s life. It will take a couple of months to prepare it. From selection of wedding dresses, shoes, decorations, to wedding destinations. You will be busy with various things. There are many tips to prepare your wedding.

wedding pictures

1. Selection of Wedding Dresses

Touch soft sands, listen to the voice of nature and enjoy the scenery of sunset. If you would like to have a beach wedding, nothing is better than beach wedding dresses. The color depends on you skin. Some brides look more beautiful wearing white wedding dresses. Try to avoid choosing ball gown wedding dresses, or you will be very tired and exhausted. Because weight of this series is not light. If you have enough budget, go to local store, select from nice wedding dresses. Then try them on and confirm which one is best. Call your friends and drive your car on weekends. Maybe you can ask your friends for suggestion. However, it is your wedding. Let your sense decide the most suitable one. After you buy it, share your happiness with your families. If your budget is not enough and you want to save this part of expenses, there are many cheap wedding dresses stores.

wedding store

2. Wedding Decorations

Flower plays an important role in wedding decorations. Wedding bouquet, arch, ceremony venues. If you need plenty of flower, you can go to the local flower market. Choose seasonal flowers will save your expenses. Choose some friends and they will design many distinctive decorations that wow your guests. Design a path filled with flowers. Various boards with humorous sentences will leave a deep impression on all the people.

3. Wedding Budget

Before you start your plan. You can ask you family to get together. Talk with them and they are willing to help you to go on wedding preparation. If the budget is over your funds, your parents will tell you how much they will offer. After you confirm the amount of money. Then it is time to make arrangements. Make a list of guests firstly. Make sure that you plans are in control.

When you make the guest list, you need to ask yourself 2 questions.

Wedding guests are a key factor, both for the presence of your loved ones and the need to control the number and size of the celebration to accommodate the budget.

wedding guests

Now it’s time to coordinate the organization of the big day: the wedding invitations, the place of the ceremony, the wedding gifts … However, keep in mind that the budget of the original ideas for weddings that you choose will depend on the number of guests that attend. To have more clarity on how to approach the guest list, keep reading.

1. Massive wedding or intimate wedding


The first thing to think about is whether you want to get married wearing your mermaid wedding dresses surrounded by your closest friends or if, on the contrary, you prefer a stylish celebration. There is not an adequate number of guests, and you can adapt your fun ideas for weddings to a mass ceremony or an intimate one. Likewise, the type of ceremony is irrelevant: ideas for civil or religious weddings do not depend on the number of guests. The decision is always yours and must satisfy you.

However, it is true that the number of guests will determine how much the total cost of the wedding is, starting with the invitations, although you can always opt for homemade wedding invitations to reduce expenses. In the same way, other games can be leveled if the most important thing for you is to have all the people you want near that day. Do not be afraid and dream of the ideal wedding from the beginning.

2. Adjust the budget

As we said, the number of guests will determine the cost of many items, such as the banquet, the details that are given to the guests, the wedding invitations … To adjust it, you have two options: either reduce them, with cheap wedding gifts, for example; or delete some people from the group of “additions” or “commitments” of the guest list. If you prefer that the celebration of the link become relevant, and do not skimp on the number of attendees or ideas of decoration for weddings, you can choose to reduce the budget in other more individual aspects, like your look, and look for a cheap wedding dress for her, or a vintage groom.

4 key moments of the wedding filled with emotion


Every detail is unforgettable on your great day, which is full of emotions shared with your partner. But there are some key moments that will make you excited and that you will remember it with special affection. Discover them.

You wear the dreamy wedding dress and you do it together with those fantastic bridal shoes that you fell in love with at the first sight. You know that you will remember it all your life.

After big day, you know that you will mentally review all these magical moments. With each unique detail that has made it perfect and emotional. However, from the experience of many brides who have enjoyed their great day, there are aspects that you will remember with more intensity than others.

1. The first step

Before the big day, you have already tried your magnificent mermaid wedding dress for several times. You will know how it fits and how it enhances your figure. when that time comes, you turn to the mirror and see your outfit. It will be impossible for you not to get excited. Finally, after so many wedding preparations, your dream comes true. Difficult to contain emotion, right?


2. Your loved ones

But you will not be the only one to get excited when you see your reflection. While you observe yourself in the mirror, you will be able to perceive the presence of your parents, friends or intimate people around you, accompanying you with that look filled with tenderness and happiness, all your positive energy and all your good wishes. You will know with certainty that you will never be alone and that you will always have them there to share your happiness and to help you at your difficult moments.

Bride and family

3. On the way to the altar

There are many elements that make this arrival to the ceremony special: your ideas of decoration for the wedding, the flowers, the guests looking at you smiling, the music for a civil or religious wedding, etc. But, one of the most remarkable, is the fact of being accompanied by your father or your mother, arm in arm, making the last steps before getting married.

bride and father

4. The votes

Little by little, the nerves of arrival diminish. You and your great love are on the altar, together, clearly showing your complicity. When the person in charge of officiating the ceremony finishes speaking, the expected votes arrive. You look at each other and begin to express, either in the form of a poem or through an original writing or any other idea, everything that you mean for each other. Emotions are on the surface, your eyes get wet, although you already know everything you feel, the fact of doing it explicitly in front of all your loved ones will be a memory that you will never forget. The final point will be the magnificent words: “yes, I want”.


How to choose wedding dresses on beach destinations?

Beach Wedding

Sunshine, soft wind, coconut palm, sea are beautiful beach scenery. Some girls have dreamed of walking towards Mr Right on Fascinating beach. On such an important day, you worth a gorgeous wedding dress. In wedding dresses market, there are many fabrics. Generally, flowing chiffon, soft satin, transparent tulle, delicate lace are very obvious. One wedding dress will be consist of many materials. Various designs match all kinds of body shapes. In my opinion, sweetheart neckline is very popular. It is a very nice style to show your beauty and charm. So how to choose good beach wedding dresses is a course which you should pay attention to in order to attract other’s eye.

Choose light wedding dresses

Perhaps your boyfriend made a proposal yesterday, the exciting moment is in your head for a long time. However, the next thing which you need to do is to make wedding arrangement. If the wedding destination is on the beach, the weight of your dress should be taken into your consideration. You won’t be willing to busy with different activities wearing a heavy dress. Keeping the length shorty is a good way to make it. You could choose tea length, knee Length, or mini Length. About the material, tulle and chiffon is very suitable. Lace can also help you achieve your goal.

Neckline styles

If you are crazy about simpleness, spaghetti straps is your first choice. As is mentioned above, sweetheart neckline is attractive. V Neck is also very popular. If you don’t want to show too much, choose scoop or bateau neckline. If it is very hot, choose lace decorations and you will feel very cool.

beach wedding

Dress Silhouette

If you are a petite bride, you have better not wear Long dress. You will look longer wearing short series. Plus Size brides can choose A-Line wedding dresses style. Busty brides can choose mermaid or sheath Style to show your beautiful curve.

If you have selected a nice dress, then you can consider other wedding preparation. You can give color demand to your bridesmaids. Choose and buy beautiful Bouquets. And you will be very charming on your big day.

Beach wedding

Why Western wedding need flower girl

Flower Girl
Flower girl is a lover of cherubs which can be a symbol of pure love for newcomers, symbolizing the future generations continue to multiply. When they dress up with a cute flower girl dresses it’s function not only the most innocent of the wedding ceremony, but also adds a lovely festivity for the wedding.

The flower girl is also known as the little girl which is a Western-style wedding ceremony bridal bouquet or in front of two couples throwing petals in the little girl or boy. about they age , the girl’s age is generally 4 or 5 years old and boys are generally 5 or 6 years old.

The concept of a wedding with a flower girl stems from a belief that every time a new couple holds a wedding, the evil ghost will emerges for they Jealous the happiness of new couple, so they will destroying a bride’s wedding or even hurting the couple. However, the rich aroma of flowers and spices can get rid of these demon and even the new life’s doom and disease. Therefore, you need a flower girl with the symbol of angels to appear in the wedding and sprinkle petals on the bride and groom, wishing the wedding.

Flower Girl

And now, flower girl has become a wedding decoration. Choose the flower girl in order to add a wedding atmosphere. And I believe most of the bride will hope that under the guidance of the god to marching petals carpet and open a happy journey of marriage.

The way the flower girl accompanied the bride’s admission was also enriched. There are generally four forms of flower girl accompanied bride admission. The new couple can choose according to their own preferences of different admission methods.

The first is the flower girl to help the bride to carry the wedding dress, you can one person holding the aside of wedding dress. The second is a flower girl carrying a flower basket in front of the new couple petal, flower basket is assigned to the little girl and the little boy,they spread petals while walking. The third is the flower girl walk in front of newcomers, we can see the girls holding flowers and boys holding wedding rings. The fourth is when newcomers come into venue, followed by the little girl and the boy.

Since the flower girl is a necessity for the wedding and have you prepare the cute flower girl dresses for them? We are Wedding Dress Online Canada store where we can provide you with all the dress that you need for your wedding. We have won high praise from a large number of customers for our high quality, fashionable style and cheap price. If you are looking for a wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses or a variety of banquet dresses. Maybe you can come to our official website, we look forward to your arrival.

Flower Girl

Why the wedding dress prevail white?

Wedding Dress
There is a tradition that the bride should be wearing a formal dress which is called wedding dress in Western. on that day wearing a wedding dress on behalf of the bride’s kind. but also on behalf of the future will be bright and flat. The bride wearing a wedding dress is like a lily fairy, it’s so white and pure.

Wedding dress there is no uniform agreement before the nineteenth century, just put on their most beautiful clothes on it.

In 1840 years, the British Queen Victoria wedding. when the Queen wearing a white wedding dress which the tail length of 18 feet. After the official photos are widely published, many brides hope to wear a similar wedding. so the tradition has been circulating so far and the length of the tail New rich symbol.

In the 1980s, Princess Diana’s wedding dress was about 480 feet. White wedding on behalf of the inner purity and like a child’s innocence. later evolved into a symbol of virginity. At this point the white wedding dress as a wedding dress was basically passed down and gradually received around the world.

Wedding on behalf of pure and meaning the lovers will together for a hundred years. It also represents a dream: a dream of all the girls in the pursuit of life all the time. Every girl dreams of wearing the wedding moment because it is the most beautiful moment of life.

Subsequent times, the wedding is no longer limited to a style. the wedding dress to express the bride’s personality and romantic occasions, despite the constant changes in the popular. but the wedding has always maintained its romantic means. a few centuries of cultural development, White wedding dress is still a symbol of love and romance.

Two centuries later, the white wedding custom has continued to this day and gradually became the mainstream wedding color. of course, some people say that is pure symbol. At that time people have to wear white wedding as a fashion. more and more people choose white as their wedding color. now white wedding is still popular.

Wedding Dress

The bride put on the wedding dress and lament how lucky you are! in the beautiful moment that I meet and love the handsome you.

We are a Canada online wedding dresses. In our official website ,there are all kinds of latest wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, formal dresses and so on. These quantities are more than 8000 styles and you can get it at affordable prices. Here you are easily to find the most suitable dress for yourself, welcome your visiting .

Wedding Ring

Which kind of wedding dresses do you prefer?

Wedding Photos

Every bride-to-be has a dream that she can wear a beautiful wedding dress like noble princess. So do you want to know how to be a most charming bride? I think that selecting a nice and suitable wedding dress is what you need to prepare. If you haven’t enough budget, it is very suitable for you to choose from cost-effective and cheap wedding dresses in good quality.

Whether it is lace wedding dresses, or beach wedding dresses, IF you can buy your dresses from factories directly, you can save a large amount of money. If you are crazy about brand, you should have enough expense plan. Generally, the price is expensive.

Strapless Wedding Dresses

Make it short. It is time to talk about wedding dresses series. Strapless wedding dresses are very common and popular. It is a kind of dress without shoulder straps. Mainly chest and waist support the whole wedding dress. Therefore, it suits busty bride with thin bodice. This kind of dress dress looks very natural, easy and beautiful. It brings a grand and noble feeling. Sweetheart wedding dresses belong to strapless series. It is also very charming and stylish.

Wedding Dress

Off-The-Shoulder Wedding Dresses

This kind of dresses gives a well-behaved feeling. Many petite brides tend to choose it. Besides, If your shoulder or neck is very beautiful, you can try this one and you will be surprised by the effect. Eventually, you wouldn’t like to take it off. It is not suitable for the brides with wide shoulder.

wedding dress

The inspiration of One-Shoulder Wedding dresses are derived from greek goddess. It creates a classical, elegant, charming and lively atmosphere. It will stand out another half collarbone and shoulder. It has special and irregular beauty. It is super suitable for busty brides with straight, wide shoulder.


V-Neck Wedding dresses suit busty brides. Many brides love to wear V-Neck.

Wedding Dress