Tips to buy bridesmaid dresses

There are various kinds of bridesmaid dresses. Short, long, knee length and tea length bridesmaid dresses. Of course, it is not easy to select a nice and suitable bridesmaids dresses. When the bride confirms her wedding dress. She will inform her bridesmaids that there are some requirements. For the style and color of bridesmaid dresses, then the bridesmaids will search for suitable dresses. Season, wedding venue, wedding dresses will decide the style of bridesmaid dresses. If the bride choose short wedding dress, it is better for bridesmaids to wear short dresses. Today, I will introduce some tips to buy bridesmaid dresses. Take notes of them If you think that they are suitable for you.
Bridesmaid dress

1. Tips One: Wear light and loose dresses on beach wedding

If the wedding venue is beach wedding, you may want to know tips for the beach wedding. you can enjoy the warm wind and sunlight, hear the sound of wave, see the birds flying across your head. The scenery will be very attractive and beautiful. Generally speaking, the weather will be very good. The brides will tend to wear beach wedding dresses. If it is a summer beach wedding, be ready for hot temperature, choose light and loose dresses. Because you will have many things to do. If you wear very tight dresses, it is very difficult for you to walk freely and solve matters. So you won’t be exhausted. Chiffon, tulle, organza bridesmaid dresses are very suitable for you.
bridesmaid dresses

2. Tips two: Select true color

As we all know, If one of the bridesmaid dresses is very different from other dresses, it is a very embarrassing. So does the color. I suggest that all the bridesmaid dresses can be ordered in same style and make it a little bit different. It will depend on the brides. If she thinks that the bridesmaid dresses should be different, then you have more choices. You can select bridesmaid dresses according to your preference.

3. Tips three: Select suitable size

Before you confirm your size, you need to know what your actual size is at present. If you used to buy your dresses, you will find that there are different measuring ways on various sites. And the clothes size commonly is different from dress size. So pay attention to the size chart on sites. When you place your order, you can write down something important. For example, please send me the bust, waist, hips size for me to confirm it.

4. Tips four: Selection for pregnant size

If there is a pregnant bridesmaid, I recommend that she should order it when it is close to the wedding day. Because the size is growing and it is very difficult to confirm it. When the wedding is approaching, the size will be confirmed and the dress will fit well.
Pregnant bridesmaids

Honeymoon in Sweden: 5 essential destinations

Sweden is a country where unspoilt nature awaits you in Swedish Lapland, unique landscapes in the Arctic polar circle, cosmopolitan cities like Stockholm or wonderful archipelagos. Wearing you gorgeous A-line wedding dresses. It is an unforgettable destination!

If you are nature lovers and are looking for a dream trip for your honeymoon, Sweden is an option to consider. It does not matter if you go in summer or in winter. Every season is amazing. Do not miss everything you can discover in this Nordic country. In this case, it is very good for you to wear beach wedding dresses.

1. Swedish Lapland: midnight sun and northern lights! Where are the last vestiges of wild nature in Europe, the place where the Sami lives, the European indigenous people? What is the region where you can enjoy the aurora and the midnight sun? The answer to these questions is only one: Lapland. In summer, you can enjoy the traditional “midnight sun”, walking at dawn.

If you visit Sweden in winter (It is very essential to visit the Abisko National Park, with AuroraSky Station). You can not miss the magnificent aurora, it is one of the biggest nature offered by this destination.

2. Stockholm and its archipelago

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, spread over 14 islands situated on Lake Malaren and proudly extends to the Baltic Sea at its eastern end. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The Gamla Stan, the old town. There you can enjoy beautiful cobbled streets, the Royal Palace, Stortoget Square, Stockholm’s most famous colored houses, Gothic churches.


3. Gotland, a beautiful medieval island

There are historical museums, original restaurants, long white sand beaches and ecotourism on this Baltic island. Gotland is the largest island in the Baltic Sea and can be reached by ferry from Stockholm. It is very suitable for you to wear short wedding dresses.

4. Varmland: descending rivers with a log raft

Enjoy real peace in central Sweden in the Varmland region and launch into an adventure like Huckleberry Finn, descending the rivers on a log raft.

5. Escania: forests, lakes and castles

Escania in southern Sweden is as colorful as a large multicolored patchwork: fertile lands, forests, lakes, castles and museums, as well as beautiful gardens. It is a destination that you can not miss. If you have a wedding here, lace wedding dresses will show your beauty.

If you are interested in African wedding destinations, you can refer to these 5 Gorgeous destinations.

Wedding costume in the united states

Today I will talk about the wedding costume and wedding ceremony in the united states. For the brides,most of them will choose white wedding dresses. A-line wedding dresses and lace wedding dresses are very popular. And the wedding mainly belong to the central and western regions of the United States. So it is time to know more knowledge.
wedding photos

Wedding is very important and significant event in life. Please read the instructions on the invitations before attending the wedding in the United States. If you will go to beach wedding, you would like to know some tips about Attire at the beach wedding. Unless the wedding theme is beach T-shirt and ask the guests to wear special costume, the guests should wear formal clothing. If you ask the Americans what is formal clothing, they will tell you, It is the clothing that people go to the church wearing. In general, the formal clothing absolutely doesn’t include the jeans. Men’s suits and ties belong to formal standard. If the weather is very hot, It is not necessary to wear a suit jacket. Ladies have more free choices, wear western-style suits, dresses, exquisite assembly skirt, a demitoilet. Sometimes you need to take the wedding theme and venue into consideration. For example, wearing a pair of high heels at ten centimeters on the beaching wedding is very embarrassing. The IF the brides wear For the clothing color, because in the United States, most of the brides will choose white wedding dresses, so white is the bride’s color, ladies should pay attention to the clothing selection. However, with the diversity of the wedding, international style, non-traditional style, the bride’s clothing color has changed a lot. For example, some brides would like to possess pink wedding dresses, then the pink is the color of the bride on the big day. Some ethnic groups, such as Indians, Latin Americans, they will avoid to wear the white wedding dresses. So their wedding dresses mainly belong to ethnic styles. Some brides like to wear different clothing in different occasions, such as wedding ceremonies, receptions, and parties. Therefore, before attending the wedding, you should know wedding theme, venue, bride dress color and other details, which is very important. The principle is to be decent, dignified, the color of you clothing is not the same as the wedding dress.

Some Weddings in the United States

There are various wedding customs in the world. Today I will talk about wedding themes and venues in the central and western regions of the United States. Take note of tips which is good for you.

1. Wedding themes

When women accept the marriage proposal, they begin to prepare the wedding. For the central and western regions of the United States, there are many traditional families. They pay attention to the details of the wedding, but overall it is warm and elegant. And it rarely like Hollywood or some fashion youth in New York. However, regardless of the size of the wedding, a “theme” is essential. The theme, including the main colors of the wedding, such as tablecloths, bouquets, small decorative colors, bridesmaid dress color, the groomsman tie color, invitations and gift color. At the same time, the theme is the tone of the design of the dance decoration and invitation. Such as ocean themes, ice and snow wedding, the western era, back to childhood, sweet candy, vampire and so on. If you are crazy about the ocean theme, it is good for you to choose beach wedding dresses. Besides, delicate lace wedding dresses are very gorgeous.If you would like to have a beach wedding, you can also know some tips for beach wedding. As for the choices of color, the fiance will politely provide their own opinion, but for the future of happy marriage, generally unconditionally follow the choice of the bride. Of course, brides will not only ask their mothers, sisters, and boudoir friends for advice, but also politely ask the fiance’s mother and sisters for ideas.
wedding themes

2. Wedding Venue

The United States is a multicultural country. However, there are many wedding venues.If both men and women are believers, so they probably will choose churches as wedding venue, If it is held in church, the vintage wedding dresses are your good choices. But specifically choose the church which the woman’s family go to, or the church which the man’s family go to, or choose a classic cathedral in other cities, you need to discuss that with two families.If the wedding is held in other countries or tourist attractions, it is okay to choose the priest to host a good ceremony.For example, the popular beach wedding, wedding planners will put up tents and ceremony on the beach, the bride came in the gentle sea breeze, the priest hosts the ceremony and give blessing.
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Tips to attend weddings as guests in Canada

Wedding is a very important and significant event in life. As a bride, you can enjoy your big day wearing your nice lace wedding dresses. As a guest, it is also a very happy to attend weddings. However, you need to know some tips. Today i will talk about them. If you think that they are useful, take note of them.
wedding invitation

1. You have to respond in the specified time after you receive wedding invitations. You have to respond in the specified time after you receive wedding invitations. Tell them whether you would like to attend their wedding. Especially for dinner, bride and groom will book seats according to the quantity of guests. So it can avoid waste. If you have responded to the participation, but If there is any accident , you should inform the bride and groom as soon as possible, so they can make another arrangement in advance.

2. Carefully read wedding invitations. You need to know whether you are invited to participate in wedding ceremonies or dinner, or both. Because of the wedding venue or other reasons, not all guests are invited to participate in two different wedding programs.

3. If wedding invitation displays that Mr.Smith and family, it means that all families including adults and children are invited to attend the wedding. Attention, not include grandparents. If you have any questions, you need to make it clear in advance. If it indicates that Mr.Smith and Mrs.Smith are invited to attend the wedding, so it means that just adults not kids can attend it. Besides, If single person is invited, just one can go to attend it. You can’t take your friends there unless it displays Plus One.

4. Female guests attention, do not wear white clothes to attend the wedding, only the bride can dress in white this day.If the bride wear white A-line Wedding dresses, you also wear in white. The bride will be very unhappy. In accordance with the costume requirements of the owner, because not all the wedding require that all the guests should dress in business suit, ties and evening dresses. Some wedding style is different, such as the owner wants to reflect the “Hawaiian style”, then the men wear a Hawaiian flower shirt, ladies wear a straw hat and a beach skirt plus a shell necklace. As for the brides, they can choose beach wedding dresses.

5. As long as you received an invitation, even if you can not attend it due to some reasons, but you also need to send a gift. Don’t need to send it before the wedding, the gift can be sent within a few weeks after the wedding.

6. Arrive on time, do not be late. Do not call at formal wedding ceremonies, follow the master’s religious beliefs and cultural practices. If you have any questions, know something in advance from the bride’s bridesmaids or family members to understand that clearly.

7. Do not leave the venue until wedding cake is cut, unless there is a special emergency thing. Before leaving, make sure to tell the bride and groom first. You probably want to know some things about the wedding cake.
wedding cake

5 very romantic wedding venue in Canada

1. Calgary Heritage Park Museum

Accommodate quantity of people:400 to 1000

The museum which is located in Alberta offers a wedding venue. There are also distinctive banquet halls. You can see vintage cars, vintage sign, retro neon light, and cars souvenir. If you want to have this syle, go for it and have this vintage wedding venue. It can’t be better for you to wear vintage wedding dresses.

Heritage Park

2. Hart House, University of Toronto

Accommodate quantity of people:250

From ivy-covered stone walls to Gothic arches, the Hart House which is located in the University of Toronto is the ideal place for Harry Potter fans to hold weddings. Some rooms can be rented here, including a music room and sweet little church. I think that the scene of Harry Potter is very fantastic. Wear ball gown wedding dresses will be very suitable.

hart house

3. FOGO Island Inn

Accommodate quantity of people:70

If you would like to find a remote place to marry your loved one and only invite the most close friends, it will be very suitable for you. FOGO Island Inn which is located in Newfoundland belong to modern architecture. It sit on a big rock at the edge of North American continent. So the beach wedding dresses are very popular here. The hotel will offer wedding priest and most delicious Newfoundland food.


4. Lake Nita Hotel

Accommodate quantity of people:130

The hotel offers a variety of venues for guests, such as indoor parking, outdoor space covered with a full of charming red umbrella awning, the hotel’s unique wooden frame decoration which is providing the perfect wedding ceremony area is just right for you. In my opinion, you will enjoy you big day wearing your A-line wedding dresses. Besides, when you take wedding photos, you can choose Whistler Hill as the backdrop.

Lake Nita hotel

5. Cambium Farms

Exposed beams, Visible house support, various house rafters. You can hold a rustic country wedding here. It has country wedding style bar, rest area and DJ stage. Besides, farms have some trolley shed rented. They can be rented to make a small reception or cocktail bar reception. You can wear lace wedding dresses and have a nice wedding.


How to choose bridesmaids

It can be a very simple or very complex task to choose the bridesmaids. Would you like to know how to get it right? Today i will talk about some keys. I think they will be beneficial for you to do right things. Take note of what is good for you.


Before you choose your bridesmaids, you should consider it well. It is not something you can improvise. Of course, they will play an important role on the wedding day, especially, they will support you and do something helpful for you through the preparations. When you choose your gorgeous lace wedding dresses, your bridesmaids will company you and give you some guidance. They will also give their advice to choose bridal shoes, or provide some creative ideas until you find a wonderful bridal bouquet. So it is not so easy to find the ideal bridesmaids, How to deal with it? Please see the following advice.

1. Be trendy

Its origin goes back to ancient Rome, when the bridesmaids accompanied the bride to the place of the wedding. Their main function was to protect her during the trip, reason why they dressed in similar costumes is the objective of confusing to possible kidnappers. In the Anglo-Saxon weddings, they were called flower girls, because they threw petals at the bride’s step to wish her good luck.

2. What functions do they play?

Before deciding them between candidates, you have to think about the functions that your bridesmaids will perform: this way you will know who to choose. Not everyone serves, as they should work as a team, be patient and always be at your disposal. Remember that the role of the maid of honor is not just to precede you on your way to the altar or to put on the tail of your dress. In the same way that you have spent time thinking about original wedding details or have consulted several catalogs until you find those perfect wedding shoes, you also have to make an effort to find the ideal bridesmaids. These will be your main tasks:

Before the wedding:

Traditionally, bridesmaids should help you with all the wedding preparations and support you unconditionally so you won’t feel too nervous. They will advise you on the choice of your bridal look, the bouquet … And they will also help you look for ideas for wedding details, to think about the music for the banquet, to decide on the bridal cake or even to look at hairstyles for loose hair. And, of course, they will organize an unforgettable party.

The wedding day:

They have to help you from the first thing in the morning, taking care of you and make sure that you are perfect. They will also accompany you to the church, ensuring that your nice ball gown wedding dress and the tail are always where they should be.

3. Who should I choose?

Traditionally the bridesmaids are single and young. They must also be willing and able to solve any problem that may happen. It is advisable that all of you live in the same city or nearby to organize fun meetings or informal meals to go and organize everything with peace of mind. Think that you should choose funny, organized, responsible and interested girls in your well-being.

After you choose bridesmaids, it is time to tell the color and style of bridesmaids dresses.

Wedding customs in different countries

Maybe you hear about and see lots of wedding customs. And you probably know much about them in your country. However, you perhaps don’t know the wedding customs in other countries. Today, I will talk about them in Scotland and the united states.
wedding photos
In scotland, the bride should throw a big piece of cake into air. The higher the cake is threw, the happier their marriage will become. If the flower can’t be throw highly, bridegroom and his family will feel frustrated and unsatisfied. Because it means that their marriage will break down.

When the wedding is held in church, generally speaking, two wedding marches will be performed. When the bride walk towards altar, the song played is solemn and soft Bridal Chorus. It derives from opera Lohengrin in 1848. When the bride and bridegroom walk out of church, the song played is lively Wedding Overture. It derives from A Midsummer Night’s Dream in 1826. If the wedding venue is in church, vintage wedding dresses will meet your requirements.
church wedding

The wedding can be simply described as something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Something old means that bridal veil on the head must be the veil used by her mother, which stands for never forgetting the love of bring them up. Something new means that wedding dress must be new. Because it represents pureness, at the same time, it also means that the bride will have a new life. Something borrowed means that handkerchief the bride hold must be borrowed from female friends to not forget love of friends. Some blue means that ribbon must be in blue to represent loyal and steadfast love.

Giving brides is a very important event at religious wedding ceremony. The father of bride have to company his daughter to walk towards steps of church alter. At giving ceremony, the father of bride should give right hand of bride to priest. Then priest give the hand to bridegroom. If the father of bride is gone, then he will be replaced with a kinsman. If you wear beautiful lace wedding dresses, i think that your guests will be amazed how beautiful you are.

Tips to choose the flowers for your wedding

As you can see at the wedding, flowers which presents sweetness and romance nearly can be found at every corner of wedding venue. How to choose the flowers for your big day, here are some tips. Please take note of what is good for you.

1. Confirm your flowers budget.

If you would like to have a dreamy and perfect wedding, the most important thing is to confirm your budget, then manage it. In this way, you can control the whole things and make everything go on in order. So you need to sufficiently expect the variety, quantity of flowers. Besides, you need to know the wedding venue, and other necessary expense.

2. Cut down your expense by having a seasonal wedding

Many girls have a dream that they marry prince charming wearing white beautiful wedding dress. So it must be a romantic scene. Lots of flowers which stands for sweetness, happiness and fragrance make up a sea of flowers. Choosing seasonal flowers will cut down your wedding expenses. The flowers has strong seasonal characteristic. I believe that lots of people have following experiences: Price of tulip in summer is more expensive than that in spring. So, If you want ot save your budget, I recommend you to choose sufficient seasonal flowers. In addition, you can consult florist to know which kinds of flowers blossoms in season.

3. Bride Bouquets

The most important bunch of flowers is bride bouquet. And it is very obvious and your guests will pay attention to it. Besides, your bridesmaids’ bouquets can be smaller than bride one. However, these two kinds of bouquets should choose same flowers, then make it different by colors, size. Finally, it can realize the effect of whole balance. If you wear lace wedding dress, you need to ensure that the bouquets should match your dress.

4. The basket of flower and flower girls

Most brides think that flower girls like love angel cupid and they can bring pure blessing. So we need to take care: Choose a small and light basket. Of course, she or he won’t feel that it is very heavy. If you would like to save your expenses, you can choose cheap petal.

Tips to save your wedding budget

Every bride expects to have a large and royal wedding. Wear a pair of nice wedding shoes and a piece of vintage wedding dresses. When all the guests focus on you and they will be amazed at how beautiful you are. However, I have many ways to cut down your wedding expenses. And it is also a little difficult for the guests to notice these ways. They will feel surprised at how intelligent you are.

1. Choose a place which doesn’t need too many decorations.

If you choose a place which needs plenty of flowers, candles and veil curtain as your wedding venue, you possibly can’t control your budget and it will exceed your budget. So in my opinion, I suggest that you find a place which has beautiful scenery and its atmosphere is very romantic as you wedding venue. Beautiful garden in Spring, Beach in summer, woods in Autumn. These places are very good for you. After that, you totally achieve your goals that you would like to have a large wedding.
wedding venue

2. Choose a slack season.

You must have the experiences of buying clothes in slack season. So why don’t you hold your wedding in slack seasons. Whether renting venue, booking food and drink and hiring band will be more convenient and cheaper. You can decide your big day according to the local situation. If you have your wedding during that time. You will get a satisfying discount. Besides, you had better avoid to choose the vacations and some traditional festivals. Because there will be more couples getting married. As a result, the price will become very high and it has the possibility that you have to live a difficult life due to overdraft of credit card.

3. Save you costs on flowers

For the bouquets and centerpieces, it will be suitable for you to choose one kind of favorite flowers. In this way, florist designer will spend less time on arrangement and you can save plenty of design fee. Besides, you had better choose flowers which belong to present season. There are two kind of advantages, the price will be cost-effective, flowers are very flesh. However, you can go to wholesale flower market instead of flower shop to select cheap and nice flowers. Because the price is cheap and it has many types of flowers.

4. Choose a cost-effective wedding dress

After you confirm you wedding date, it is time to choose your gorgeous wedding dresses. If your wedding venue is near water, You may like a beach wedding dress. If your wedding is held in warm season, you won’t forget the feeling of wearing short wedding dress.