Top 10 Colors for Fall Bridesmaid Dresses 2015

Every season has unique color palette with its own flavor. Like, for instance, the lazy summer days will be quite different than the feeling of spring. And when summer slides towards autumn, colors for a rustic, vintage or bohemian wedding will go deeper and richer. I always think the color you choose for lovely bridesmaids will reflect and complement the wedding color combo. So ladies, just check the top 10 colors for fall bridesmaid dresses this season with me!

#1 Marsala

As Pantone’s color year of 2015, marsala is definitely the most popular color of this fall with its warmth and richness.

marsala bridesmaid dresses for fall weddings 2015

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#2 Dark Sage

Sage has always been the top option for fall weddings, and this season we think dark sage will be more popular!

fall dark sage bridesmaid dresses for 2015

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#3 Neutral

Neutral colors are basic and classic! They are the colors that do not offend anyone.

neutral nude bridesmaid gowns for autumn wedding 2015

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#4 Jewel Tones

Jewel tones include some dark colors that will make your wedding more elegant and gorgeous.

jewel toned bridesmaid dresses and fall wedding color ideas 2015

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#5 Mustard

As a dark yellow color, mustard has stood the test of time over and over again. Your wedding color palette will get along with the season perfectly.

trending mustard yellow bridesmaid dresses for rustic fall weddings

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#6 Blue Grey

This powerful blue grey color implies quality and luxury, which is a great choice for autumn.

blue grey chiffon bridesmaid dresses and wedding color ideas 2015

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#7 Dusty Rose

As a darker rose color, dusty rose is perfect for a vintage wedding.

dusty rose and pink bridesmaid dresses and fall wedding inspiration

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#8 Dark Teal

Combining the serene qualities of blue and green, teal is a cool color that will make a cool wedding!

dark teal fall wedding color ideas and bridesmaid dresses trends

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#9 Midnight Blue

Dark blue like navy and midnight blue never miss any fall weddings. What do you think?

2015 midnight blue bridesmaid dresses trends for autumn weddings

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#10 Blackberry

As a similar color to traditional black, blackberry will create a classic yet a little sassy look.

black wedding color ideas and bridesmaid dresses 2015

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Advice on choosing Wedding Dress

More and more young couples today decided on a church wedding. Wedding-dress is an integral part of the celebration. The action takes place in the church, respectively, and should be properly outfit. From the usual wedding image wedding dresses are not very different for the church, but has its own regulatory requirements.

In the history of wedding apparel Middle Ages it was considered too time of bright colors. Each area retained their traditions and customs, but the bride’s clothing was always an indicator of status, class and wealth of her family, because it is this thing became a major cause of high material costs.

In every country in Europe had its traditional Orthodox wedding dresses, there was a belief in France that the decoration of purple bride will provide a caring, faithful and devoted wife of cardio. In Ireland, the main color was green, he brought happiness to the house, and so on. D. Since the 15th century, the wedding dress for the church already had a light blue or pale pink shades. The white clothes to wear only had the right to “bride of Christ” – the girl who took vows as a nun. Over time, dark and bright colors left the wedding fashion.

In the era of neo-classical light shade in a wedding dress becomes a priority. At this time, the general public became property of many images of Greek art: the white marble sculptures that were found during excavations at Pompeii and Herculaneum. This discovery has had a big influence on fashion and marble-white was appointed as the main color for wedding decoration. There is another version:

 in the middle of XVII century, he introduced the fashion for wedding dress of white color. And long before Anne of Austria has made a “white boom”, which spread to Spain, England, Portugal, France.

The most important thing – to choose the right shade. Wedding-dress must be white or a light color. But white dress symbolizing innocence, has become commonplace.

Recently, a bride can be seen in a very unnatural way: in red, purple, green dress. Wedding categorically forbids these colors. Wedding dresses for the church (photo is to illustrate how) should not be too dark or bright. The Church allows, in addition to the traditional white dress, put on a beige dress

 light blue, pink, cream. However, there is one exception. Quite often I get married couples who live a few years and have children in wedlock. Priests in this case it is recommended not to choose a white wedding-dress. This is because the snow-white bride’s dress conceals her innocence, even if it is not actually. Therefore, the pregnant bride, who has children, or just long-married in a white dress looks strange by the standards of the Church. In this case, any other lighter shade is the best choice.


Another nuance is considered cut. The Church does not accept the neckline, open back and shoulders. Permissible length is above the knee. Naturally, there are brides who in the registry office and at the wedding celebration and want to look pretty impressive, but the figure hidden in a closed dress sorry.

And if the street is a hot summer, then the doubly uncomfortable. From this situation has two options. You can buy two dresses: one for the registrar and the wedding party, and the other – for a church wedding. Only this solution is costly, and have the luxury to allow can not every bride. But there is another option: to cover up in the church all the “immodesty” cape, bolero stole. You can close the shoulders falling veil. If you open your hands, it is best to pick up along the gloves to the elbow.


If we talk about the material from which it is sewn wedding-dress, then there are no restrictions. As for any jewelry, beads, marbles and other stones shimmering, they must be small, and it is better to eliminate completely. But this does not mean that the dress is very simple and unobtrusive. Choose chiffon, satin, lace. Now popular dress on a volume skirt rings, it is permissible, but not always appropriate excessive pomp. In the West, a long train is considered a noble attribute of a wedding dress. It’s beautiful, of course, but such an accessory to the Orthodox tradition has nothing to do, and more, is appropriate for a wedding in the Catholic Church.

This is a mandatory law, a woman can go to church exclusively with his head covered. Therefore, during

 be sure to head to the bride to be the veil, gas scarf or stole. A hat like headdress is not very suitable, because the crowns over the heads of the church keep the married couple, and a hat will create inconvenience at this point.

Dress code for witnesses with bridesmaid dresses {Photos}

In good bridezilla (TV) that you are (you must admit that you do not already have a list as long as your arm pretty desiderata deco / shopping / accessories . you want to witnesses and bridesmaids accompanied the big day.

OK! But out of the question to impose the same robe dyed-green-and-water-who-has-the-green celadon-but-not-too will your super bomba latina girlfriend, but where your white sis as a sink in the air as sick as frumpy. Because yes it is nice with his witnesses! We remember that in some time, if it is, we will surely witness in turn, and we would like for that matter, avoid having to wear that awful pink frilly dress. A karma thing everything. Short! Out the bridesmaids all wearing the same dress. The idea is to give them a color track, a monochrome monitor and let them choose their own (almost) the dress they will want to wear.

And why not black? Yes, we all in our closets, THE perfect little black dress in all circumstances. A short handle or 3/4, knee length, short or flared, lace or chiffon, it allow your witnesses if they have not already, to be able to see easily. And no, it is not sad in a black procession. Just raise all that, if necessary, with pretty accessories!

SHow : short chiffon bridesmaid dresses

If you chose a delicate pink harmonies, here is my selection of little dresses, short or long, for your witnesses. Feel free to mix and united reasons, because here too, there’s no reason! Big favorite for this little dress Madison Marcus, delicate hyper!

I love yellow! And I like the yellow weddings! Here too, for that color not necessarily easy to wear offer your witnesses to choose a lemon held but whose color will suit her complexion, and cut his tailor. Why not a simple reminder of yellow, like a belt or shoes for example.

Photos : New Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses

Coral / grapefruit / melon / fishing remains one of the key colors of weddings this year, and many brands offer dresses with acid colors that will surely delight your friends procession.

Beautiful Engagement – Perfect Wedding at the weekend

I hope you had a good weekend!

Today I have the pleasure of meeting Marco Joëlle and who shared their beautiful engagement session last summer on the blog.

They come back better than ever in their outfits light to tell us their big day. It was on September 26, in the Var, under the lens of the brilliant David Latour.
I will not detain you longer, because they have plenty to say.

Images : Beach wedding dress with Short sleeve

We are two French expatriates in Switzerland and has a little over 5 years now we met on a train platform waiting for the train to spend a weekend in France. M-A was due back on Toulon before the weekend but in the end had exchanged their ticket with a friend for help and I had decided to spend a weekend with my girlfriends always in Lyon. As usual (vive la SNCF, but only time I really thanked) the train was late and I quietly ate my sandwich to wait. Neither one nor two I found myself with a small ball of hair tongue hanging at my feet and his teacher at the end of the leash. That’s how we started a conversation and passed all the way to knowledge. (I learned many years later that in fact Marco had sent his dog as bait ) The current going well, and like to meet people in Switzerland is not the easiest thing is very natural that I let him my phone number for him to join the group of friends with whom I was going to have drinks every Friday night after work.

Photos Show : lace wedding dress with open back

The following week he called me to join us and throughout the evening (and several glasses) we kissed, 6 months later we moved together and we are never left us.
On 1 March 2014 he made his request after setting a well thought out plan. At Christmas he already began to lay the foundation of his organization by offering me a smart box stay in a luxury hotel with gourmet meals.

I just had to choose the place and set a date with him.

My choice was a hotel in Davos, former 1910 Sanatorium accessible only by funicular, surrounded by a private ski area and restaurant noted in Gault Millau!
At the same time during the holidays and our visit to his paternal grandparents, he asked the traditional family ring to his Memi taking good care of the hide.
March 1 evening during dinner in the dining room of this magnificent hotel, with the dessert, he handed me (in a good graphic designer it is) a folding which told the scenario of a film, our lives 2 . on the last page of this fold he asked me to unfold and rotate. I discovered a poster (which he had designed for our 2 years) with registered under “WANT TO MARRY me?” At the same time he knelt and unsheathed the beautiful engagement ring that belonged to his grandfather mother.

I will articulate a timid yes, wet with tears of emotion.

I started by spending hours on the internet marriage between blogs and Pinterest to inspire us. Rather than a theme, we chose a room that met our needs. We wanted a simple wedding, retro / chic strand with a graphic touch and pretty pastel colors in shades of blue, pink, olive green to remind Provence.

It was important for us to remember the area where we were getting married and the origins of M-A through the flowers and small details (launched lavender dried out the ceremony, gifts from guests, in floral arrangements …)

We love the little details that make the difference. Also we were lucky to find this beautiful place that makes many by himself!

In the spirit of our marriage and also for our budget, we decided to make the most of things by ourselves. We have many of our mottled decoration at Emmaus or flea markets (centers vases tables, scrabble, management) but also bought a lot of small items on Etsy, a site which I was already a big fan. (Alphabets, eve suitcase, guest book, box for alliances …)
We also had the opportunity to serve us in the affairs of his grandparents. A standby door that was lying to our table plan which we decorated with frames unearthed right left but the chairs and table to install our guestbook and Polaroids.

The details that have taken the most time are surely places brands achieve with scrabble pieces to fully heather As the months and paper menus casseroles made by Marco talented graphic and tied it to us by my small hands, with lots and lots of patience.

We also filled a basket of small gifts for our guests and place the toilet with pills for headache, lacquer for hair touch-ups, cream that smells after washing hands, dressings bulbs in case …
The funniest was when it came from Switzerland to the South of France, with a large part of this deco bought the yard of the year, in addition to the dress, my dress and our business, all in a golf. You can imagine!

Anyway, to finish all this decoration would probably not make the same effect without the splendid floral compositions of Virginia. She has captured the mood we wanted and transcribe all our desires through its art!

Anyway until J, each item we liked our decor but had no idea what it was going to make any ensemblen on site. Through the coordination of Laura du Château Ste Roseline and flowers, everything was even better than our dreams.

Marco loves beautiful things and took a lot of fun choosing her outfit and accessories. This is among other things offered a beautiful custom bow tie at the workshop. The purchase made, he carefully tucked the big day waiting two or three days before the wedding he still worries how to build it and then surprise, it’s not that easy! We spent a good few hours to test all possible, we find tutorials, everyone gave it a try it myself but some of our witnesses, friends … impossible.

On the day still not arrived to find the right technique and no alternative solution history that adds a little stress.

Fortunately miraculously, a cousin who was educated at Cambridge and worked alongside people of high had learned to bow ties … He was able to save in extremis perfectly studied style of Marco!


Many beautiful moments in mind that make me smile when I think but I think the best is that of the end of our secular ceremony. Just after our wedding ceremony officiant Anne-Sophie (My Ceremony) asked guests to leave the cloister to prepare exit married. At that time we met for the first time that day alone both. The pressure finally passed ceremony and married. A few moments of calm in this magical place in the background with the song Nina Simone “Feeling Good” which perfectly represented the moment.
Marco: For me the most beautiful moment is surely just before entering the reception hall, it is at this point that I started to blow. The ceremony also the parade of wine reception and pictures behind it was finally time to enjoy! For a few minutes we found ourselves both, our entrance music that started in the background and the excitement rising to the idea of ​​sharing and party with everyone.

Be yourself and do not listen to you!

It’s your wedding, it must be in your image. Do not dictate though either by anybody and the devil when will we say.
On the big day, try somehow to let go, to accept the stress of no one but you (that’s bad enough) and above all give free rein to your emotions. You see even if everything does not proceed exactly as you planned, it will only be happiness.

Make the most of every moment everything goes so fast …

8 stars for your bridesmaids dresses

This small selection will be highly appreciated by all those about to be united to life with the elected of their heart. The dresses of the bridesmaids look very often minimalist versions of wedding dresses. Here is a small selection of original dresses for your wedding ceremony unforgettable.

1. The country dress

2. The gala dress

3. Friends of good taste …

4. The dress to match the color of the bride

5. The dress color “nude”

6. flounced dress

7. The turquoise dress

8. The glamorous dress

View more : bridesmaid dresses on Canada

Ela Siromascenko collection 2016

Today on the blog is the guest designer Ela Siromascenko who presents his latest collection.

Ela, after studying marketing and a doctorate in progress, arrives in Italy.
Here takes shape its future: creating and sewing women’s clothes and sophisticated clothes for special moments.
What was a little dream dormant in his heart, it becomes a reality, first with the opening of an online store, then with the inauguration, on December 5 this year, his first studio in Milan. A place long sought and dreamed of, a small lounge for young ladies where it comes to fashion and beautiful things, located in an elegant building of the ’30s.

There are moments in every woman’s life, your wedding, a special evening, a witness at the wedding of your best friend, just as they deserve special clothes, manicured and unique as those of Ela Siromascenko.

To learn more about Ela I asked a few questions for you.

How did your passion for fashion and for the bridal fashion in particular?

The passion for fashion I had as a child, from the time when, as a child, I drew dresses “princess” (they were always and necessarily a princess) and was dressing my dolls with dresses sewn by hand with small pieces of fabric who stole from the closet of my mother, that if he kept for himself the seamstress making clothes. Then growing, in my mind the passion for fashion is tied more and more to the idea of ​​doing (ie sew) rather than only draw. Despite this, and despite the presence of a fascinating sewing machine foot in the living room of my grandmother in her home in the countryside, life is put sideways for a bit ‘of years and no one ever taught me to sew. I started learning by myself in 2010, from tutorials on Youtube and books. I did it at the beginning because I wanted to create clothes for me. Meanwhile at the end of 2011 I moved to Italy and, taking with me my (then small) “laboratory” I started to create more complex things and I got the idea that I could sell. Meanwhile, I completed my techniques with a tailoring course at the AFOL Milan Fashion.

The passion for fashion bride came along. When in 2012 I opened my first shop was offering models rather casual, then following the demands of the clients I went to the ceremony, and from there, as more and more of them asked me how I was offering customization of models ceremony, thereby transforming them into clothes wedding, I decided to also include models wedding in every collection. Now most of my clients are brides and witnesses / bridesmaids, and for 2016 I want to devote some attention to the wedding of my brand. It ‘was also the main reason for which I have just opened my studio in Milan – to receive the brides in a context appropriate to the choice and the creation (measurements, tests, etc.) Dream gown for their big day.

I’m directing more towards the bridal fashion because I found that, from a creative perspective, gives me more opportunity to practice any unusual idea that I could have and maybe would not find practical applicability in a dress less “important”. Here we say that the wedding dress gives me more freedom.

What are your sources of inspiration?

My inspiration comes mostly from beautiful fabrics that I find wandering through the fabric shops in Milan and elsewhere. For years now in any city / country where journey, the fabric store is the first place where I stop. I am an avid collector of fabrics, not there are never enough! In fact, often my creative process starts from a fabric, the design of a lace, by a combination of beads, rather than the form of the garment. I can spend hours just looking at old photographs and drawings of vintage fashion, such as those found on old patterns, and imagine new ways to reinterpret the look in a modern way.

Then, three collections in this part, my “obsession” in matters of inspiration is the city of Naples, which I love to madness (that already live in Milan …), and all the universe that surrounds it.

How would you describe your style? What to look for brides in your models?

Mine is definitely a vintage style, a modern reinterpretation of the fashions of the past. They left with clothes 50′s style, but this year I started exploring other eras. Now for example, I’m wavering between influences of the early twentieth century and those of the eighteenth century.

My brides looking more like the non-conventional, most are very determined in what they want and their idea of ​​marriage is not a kind of “dress big chain + receiving pre-packaged ‘are girls and women care and personalize their wedding in every detail. They are lovers of vintage style and that’s how they find me, because this is the main feature of my clothes. Then there is also the fact that practically the dress we create it together, starting from the models of my collections and customizing every detail, from the choice of fabric, lace, and the lengths to detail design. Every time you come to surprising results, unique and completely new, and sewn on to fit like a glove. The last but not the least is the fact that also seek the care and attention given to each of them, the time to decide without haste or commitment, availability. More than once I happened to have a wedding that was not really pleasant experience with large atelier atmosphere rather cold, hurried and impersonal.

Describe your last collection

The first word that comes to mind is “eclectic.” While I was talking above my obsession for Naples, the starting point was the Neapolitan Baroque, and color range as I was inspired by the colors of the interior of the Palace Of Caserta. For the part dedicated to wedding dresses, dominate the champagne / beige and ivory, declined in combinations of taffeta and silk organza, lace embellished with embroidery with beads, sequins, lace accents antique gold, and tulle: so, much tulle, which is a material that I love. For the ceremony instead dominate the black and green in shades of lime and emerald, with accents of red.

A word of advice to future brides looking their clothes.

What should characterize the wedding dress, in your opinion, beyond the fashions of the moment?

I think that the choice of the wedding dress fashions of the moment are the thing that matters less. Of course, you can always take a look at current trends and maybe make some good points, a two-elements, but the dress should reflect the personality of the bride first, it must be comfortable in your own skin. Even if he thinks he has clear ideas concerning the style of that dream as a child, my advice is to try different styles anyway because reality does not always reflect what I had imagined. For example, maybe he always dreamed of wearing a princely dress, a skirt and huge swells trail of 3 meters, but by trying one discovers that he can not even move, and then rather than spend their wedding feeling still, “prisoner” of ‘ dress (whereas she loves to dance and have fun), can try models lighter, more fluid, until you discover that actually the dress that you fall in love is partially or completely different from what I imagined to wear. In the end it is true, when you are getting GOWN you know, because you look in the mirror and you can no longer imagine another. So patience, flexibility and perhaps the right time for research is in my opinion the “ingredients” that will lead her to make the perfect choice.

Finally, I show you some models of the ceremony.
How do you not fall in love with a cloud of tulle, the bodice of a precious, a transparency female?

A trailer for a wedding pink bohemian

Ready for another year full of beauty and inspiration? A beautiful real wedding is the best way to start it!

The marriage of Elisa and Alexandre, her Italian, Spanish him, is richly detailed bohemian flavor. As the dress (actually, two) drawn from their wedding, designer brand clothing Sunvibes. Or the delicious pink caravan, perfect backdrop for photos on the wedding day of touring and studio Elisa all other days. Then add gerberas, buntings and a fabulous naked cake covered with berries, all to admire in the photo of Henry & Eleanor Photography.

By Henry & Eleanor Photography … This summer, on September 19, we were able to celebrate with Elisa and Alexandre their beautiful wedding in Villastrada Mantova! The particular thing about this marriage was definitely the Caravan Rose who is also the “shop” where the bride works.

The trailer for her is a symbol of rebirth, because for years he had been afraid to pursue his dreams; the larger one was to work in fashion and have his feat. When he decided to throw himself did not find any venue that would fit his budget and his wishes, so since she and Alex have always been a bit ‘nomads and lovers of travel and adventure, decided to make a trailer the his studio traveling. Throughout this great adventure Alex is his first big fan!

He designed his own clothes, he wanted something simple, not too set, neither rigid nor awkward; He has picked up a bit ‘of inspiration and then it did pack from his seamstress trust that also helps with the collection Sunvibes. He chose a silk white cream, which falls well, no marks and no squeezing (a trait common to all heads Sunvibes as Elisa wants wearer’s okay). At the front we are quite saddled but behind is scollatissimo to show his beautiful back (and the beautiful physical generally) and also has a mini train!

The wedding was very simple, but with the timing very special. In fact, the portraits were done in two stages over the ceremony because we did not know if there would be more light for them. So in the early afternoon, around 15, we made portraits in a grove where fortunately it was able to have a light a little ‘filtered, but still very hot; at this time the bride wore a dress (which was originally to be that of marriage but then changed his mind) very simple and that was very good, always packed by her.

After the ceremony, celebrated half in Italian and half in Spanish, we headed on location and we have took another shot just before the sun went down.

The location was very nice and cozy, the air was festive and full of love and friendship! They managed to snatch a few hours of music in the most beautiful location and there were wild with friends and paranti from all over Europe!

Wedding dresses 2016: all the trends

What are the trends for the coming year theme wedding dresses? Let’s find out together:

Clothes for soft forms: a wedding dress should be perfect for every woman and for every physical. The designers realize more and more of the lines designed for women with soft shapes. As models of Elizabeth Polignano line Joie de Vivre, mikado and silk georgette, simple and linear cuts to the more structured.

Pink old: no more white (or almost) but brides 2016 can even choose the color pink, as the model Nicole Brides, romantic and sensual:

Neckline transparent with precious decorations Mikado, organza, silk satin, pique and cracks. As the model of Pronovias:

The effect shirt, bodices with collars and transparency combined with a skirt. A wedding dress original but apparently really trendy. Pass or fail? As the model proposed by Rosa Clara, with lace shirt and short sleeves and tulle skirt.

Asymmetrical dresses: long lines and train, while on the front of a mini-skirt as the model worn by Whitney Port.

Two pieces: a dress “built” by combining a corsage or a cashmere sweater and a skirt of tulle. As the model created by the designer Carolina Herrera for the socialite Olivia Palermo Toledo who married in 2014 the German model Johannes Huebl.

The model siren: a classic that never goes out of fashion! As the one made by Badgley Scrum, Lauren Conrad. A gorgeous model in ivory, with bare back and embroidered lace.

The cheap wedding dresses will be successful?

Offer them more and more brands and wedding online stores: does it is also changed in recent years marriage

An article in Business Of Fashion (BOF) explains how many brands and clothing stores, especially Americans, are integrating their offerings with collections for cheap wedding dresses , to provide an alternative to more and more people who want to spend less and no longer see marriage as necessarily a ceremony expensive and sfarzosissima.

Until a few years ago when marriage was considered inevitable in specialty boutiques buy the wedding dress, spending a great deal, especially for the little outfit functional and hopefully to use once in a lifetime. BOF writes that according to a research firm in the industry, The Wedding Report, in 2014 the United States spending on weddings – including flowers, food and everything that is around the aspect festive event – were on average 26,444 dollars to marriage (just over 24 thousand euro), an increase compared to $ 25 656 in 2012 (about 23,500 euro). However, 50 percent of the brides of the sample said they had spent less than $ 500 for their dress, that is roughly less than 455 Euros. According to another study published by David’s Bridal, the largest chain that sells wedding dresses in the United States, 50 percent of brides considers a priority to spend less than $ 800 for their dress and 54 percent of women believe that it is not important who will be the designer.

Several brands and stores are trying to make room in this market segment or have already done so. The last is the famous site of e-commerce British Asos, which will launch in March 2016 a collection of short wedding dresses at cheap price: will offer 18 models of clothes less traditional style (for example cooordinati two pieces, suits with capes and ivory lace dresses printed in 3D, as writes BOF) which will cost no more than $ 250, the equivalent of 230 Euros. Vanessa Spence, director of design at Asos, told BOF that the company has decided to make this attempt after the success of a collection of bridesmaid dresses cheap, created last year.

Then there Needle & Thread, a brand founded in 2013: from December her wedding dress in the price range from 105 to 850 pounds (rounded, between 150 and 1,200 Euros) are also sold on the site Net-a porter. Since 2014, moreover, the American brand Reformation began offering wedding dresses from 518 dollars today has four collections, and has doubled its average weekly sales compared to 2014.

In addition, long wedding dresses are no longer sold only by specialized boutiques. The American brand J Crew in 2004 made available online for the first time two wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses 12: today offers different clothing for the guests, has dozens of wedding dresses ranging from 3,000 to 4,000 US dollars, and has open shop on Madison Avenue, one of the best-known streets of New York. In 2011 anthropology, another American brand, has launched BHLDN, ​​a line wedding inspired by vintage clothing, with prices ranging from one thousand to $ 4000.


Real wedding: the wedding from the bucolic world of Clare and Thomas

Clare and Thomas have set their wedding in the magical natural scenery of southern France through the wonders of a landscape that made it even more romantic than the big event. The charm of the campaign was the setting for the spectacular marriage: olive groves, vineyards and endless expanses of fields have given a poetic meaning to a very special day not only for newlyweds, but for all the guests.

Photos : wedding dresses

The bride wore a white dress with embroidered skirt and bodice V-neck profiles gold. For Clare, the choice of the wedding took place in the house because his family for 4 generations is at the head of a fashion label (Marylise and Rembo Styling) specialized in wedding dress. The hairstyle with a bun braids bucolic reflected the mood of the wedding. The groom, however, wore a blue tie with yellow ocher as well as fathers of the couple and most of the male friends. For the reception was set up a marquee on the lawn lit by the natural light of the French countryside.