4 key moments of the wedding filled with emotion


Every detail is unforgettable on your great day, which is full of emotions shared with your partner. But there are some key moments that will make you excited and that you will remember it with special affection. Discover them.

You wear the dreamy wedding dress and you do it together with those fantastic bridal shoes that you fell in love with at the first sight. You know that you will remember it all your life.

After big day, you know that you will mentally review all these magical moments. With each unique detail that has made it perfect and emotional. However, from the experience of many brides who have enjoyed their great day, there are aspects that you will remember with more intensity than others.

1. The first step

Before the big day, you have already tried your magnificent mermaid wedding dress for several times. You will know how it fits and how it enhances your figure. when that time comes, you turn to the mirror and see your outfit. It will be impossible for you not to get excited. Finally, after so many wedding preparations, your dream comes true. Difficult to contain emotion, right?


2. Your loved ones

But you will not be the only one to get excited when you see your reflection. While you observe yourself in the mirror, you will be able to perceive the presence of your parents, friends or intimate people around you, accompanying you with that look filled with tenderness and happiness, all your positive energy and all your good wishes. You will know with certainty that you will never be alone and that you will always have them there to share your happiness and to help you at your difficult moments.

Bride and family

3. On the way to the altar

There are many elements that make this arrival to the ceremony special: your ideas of decoration for the wedding, the flowers, the guests looking at you smiling, the music for a civil or religious wedding, etc. But, one of the most remarkable, is the fact of being accompanied by your father or your mother, arm in arm, making the last steps before getting married.

bride and father

4. The votes

Little by little, the nerves of arrival diminish. You and your great love are on the altar, together, clearly showing your complicity. When the person in charge of officiating the ceremony finishes speaking, the expected votes arrive. You look at each other and begin to express, either in the form of a poem or through an original writing or any other idea, everything that you mean for each other. Emotions are on the surface, your eyes get wet, although you already know everything you feel, the fact of doing it explicitly in front of all your loved ones will be a memory that you will never forget. The final point will be the magnificent words: “yes, I want”.


How to choose wedding dresses on beach destinations?

Beach Wedding

Sunshine, soft wind, coconut palm, sea are beautiful beach scenery. Some girls have dreamed of walking towards Mr Right on Fascinating beach. On such an important day, you worth a gorgeous wedding dress. In wedding dresses market, there are many fabrics. Generally, flowing chiffon, soft satin, transparent tulle, delicate lace are very obvious. One wedding dress will be consist of many materials. Various designs match all kinds of body shapes. In my opinion, sweetheart neckline is very popular. It is a very nice style to show your beauty and charm. So how to choose good beach wedding dresses is a course which you should pay attention to in order to attract other’s eye.

Choose light wedding dresses

Perhaps your boyfriend made a proposal yesterday, the exciting moment is in your head for a long time. However, the next thing which you need to do is to make wedding arrangement. If the wedding destination is on the beach, the weight of your dress should be taken into your consideration. You won’t be willing to busy with different activities wearing a heavy dress. Keeping the length shorty is a good way to make it. You could choose tea length, knee Length, or mini Length. About the material, tulle and chiffon is very suitable. Lace can also help you achieve your goal.

Neckline styles

If you are crazy about simpleness, spaghetti straps is your first choice. As is mentioned above, sweetheart neckline is attractive. V Neck is also very popular. If you don’t want to show too much, choose scoop or bateau neckline. If it is very hot, choose lace decorations and you will feel very cool.

beach wedding

Dress Silhouette

If you are a petite bride, you have better not wear Long dress. You will look longer wearing short series. Plus Size brides can choose A-Line wedding dresses style. Busty brides can choose mermaid or sheath Style to show your beautiful curve.

If you have selected a nice dress, then you can consider other wedding preparation. You can give color demand to your bridesmaids. Choose and buy beautiful Bouquets. And you will be very charming on your big day.

Beach wedding

Why Western wedding need flower girl

Flower Girl
Flower girl is a lover of cherubs which can be a symbol of pure love for newcomers, symbolizing the future generations continue to multiply. When they dress up with a cute flower girl dresses it’s function not only the most innocent of the wedding ceremony, but also adds a lovely festivity for the wedding.

The flower girl is also known as the little girl which is a Western-style wedding ceremony bridal bouquet or in front of two couples throwing petals in the little girl or boy. about they age , the girl’s age is generally 4 or 5 years old and boys are generally 5 or 6 years old.

The concept of a wedding with a flower girl stems from a belief that every time a new couple holds a wedding, the evil ghost will emerges for they Jealous the happiness of new couple, so they will destroying a bride’s wedding or even hurting the couple. However, the rich aroma of flowers and spices can get rid of these demon and even the new life’s doom and disease. Therefore, you need a flower girl with the symbol of angels to appear in the wedding and sprinkle petals on the bride and groom, wishing the wedding.

Flower Girl

And now, flower girl has become a wedding decoration. Choose the flower girl in order to add a wedding atmosphere. And I believe most of the bride will hope that under the guidance of the god to marching petals carpet and open a happy journey of marriage.

The way the flower girl accompanied the bride’s admission was also enriched. There are generally four forms of flower girl accompanied bride admission. The new couple can choose according to their own preferences of different admission methods.

The first is the flower girl to help the bride to carry the wedding dress, you can one person holding the aside of wedding dress. The second is a flower girl carrying a flower basket in front of the new couple petal, flower basket is assigned to the little girl and the little boy,they spread petals while walking. The third is the flower girl walk in front of newcomers, we can see the girls holding flowers and boys holding wedding rings. The fourth is when newcomers come into venue, followed by the little girl and the boy.

Since the flower girl is a necessity for the wedding and have you prepare the cute flower girl dresses for them? We are Wedding Dress Online Canada store where we can provide you with all the dress that you need for your wedding. We have won high praise from a large number of customers for our high quality, fashionable style and cheap price. If you are looking for a wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses or a variety of banquet dresses. Maybe you can come to our official website, we look forward to your arrival.

Flower Girl

Why the wedding dress prevail white?

Wedding Dress
There is a tradition that the bride should be wearing a formal dress which is called wedding dress in Western. on that day wearing a wedding dress on behalf of the bride’s kind. but also on behalf of the future will be bright and flat. The bride wearing a wedding dress is like a lily fairy, it’s so white and pure.

Wedding dress there is no uniform agreement before the nineteenth century, just put on their most beautiful clothes on it.

In 1840 years, the British Queen Victoria wedding. when the Queen wearing a white wedding dress which the tail length of 18 feet. After the official photos are widely published, many brides hope to wear a similar wedding. so the tradition has been circulating so far and the length of the tail New rich symbol.

In the 1980s, Princess Diana’s wedding dress was about 480 feet. White wedding on behalf of the inner purity and like a child’s innocence. later evolved into a symbol of virginity. At this point the white wedding dress as a wedding dress was basically passed down and gradually received around the world.

Wedding on behalf of pure and meaning the lovers will together for a hundred years. It also represents a dream: a dream of all the girls in the pursuit of life all the time. Every girl dreams of wearing the wedding moment because it is the most beautiful moment of life.

Subsequent times, the wedding is no longer limited to a style. the wedding dress to express the bride’s personality and romantic occasions, despite the constant changes in the popular. but the wedding has always maintained its romantic means. a few centuries of cultural development, White wedding dress is still a symbol of love and romance.

Two centuries later, the white wedding custom has continued to this day and gradually became the mainstream wedding color. of course, some people say that is pure symbol. At that time people have to wear white wedding as a fashion. more and more people choose white as their wedding color. now white wedding is still popular.

Wedding Dress

The bride put on the wedding dress and lament how lucky you are! in the beautiful moment that I meet and love the handsome you.

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Wedding Ring

Which kind of wedding dresses do you prefer?

Wedding Photos

Every bride-to-be has a dream that she can wear a beautiful wedding dress like noble princess. So do you want to know how to be a most charming bride? I think that selecting a nice and suitable wedding dress is what you need to prepare. If you haven’t enough budget, it is very suitable for you to choose from cost-effective and cheap wedding dresses in good quality.

Whether it is lace wedding dresses, or beach wedding dresses, IF you can buy your dresses from factories directly, you can save a large amount of money. If you are crazy about brand, you should have enough expense plan. Generally, the price is expensive.

Strapless Wedding Dresses

Make it short. It is time to talk about wedding dresses series. Strapless wedding dresses are very common and popular. It is a kind of dress without shoulder straps. Mainly chest and waist support the whole wedding dress. Therefore, it suits busty bride with thin bodice. This kind of dress dress looks very natural, easy and beautiful. It brings a grand and noble feeling. Sweetheart wedding dresses belong to strapless series. It is also very charming and stylish.

Wedding Dress

Off-The-Shoulder Wedding Dresses

This kind of dresses gives a well-behaved feeling. Many petite brides tend to choose it. Besides, If your shoulder or neck is very beautiful, you can try this one and you will be surprised by the effect. Eventually, you wouldn’t like to take it off. It is not suitable for the brides with wide shoulder.

wedding dress

The inspiration of One-Shoulder Wedding dresses are derived from greek goddess. It creates a classical, elegant, charming and lively atmosphere. It will stand out another half collarbone and shoulder. It has special and irregular beauty. It is super suitable for busty brides with straight, wide shoulder.


V-Neck Wedding dresses suit busty brides. Many brides love to wear V-Neck.

Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses which are in the following 4 movies satisfy all the girls’ imagination

Lots of girls dreamed of wearing white wedding dresses one day, then married to Prince Charming. There are many popular wedding dresses. Such as beach wedding dresses, vintage wedding dresses, lace wedding dresses and so on. She will be very charming and beautiful. The atmosphere is romantic and sweet. For plenty of imagination, the wedding dresses in these 4 movies can show that.

1. Movie: Sex and the City
Bride: Sarah Jessica Parker

Wedding dress

Carrie almost have everything which female want. She is independent, intelligent. She does favorite jobs and is good at it. She is just like a happy pickle steeped in the fashion vat.

Vera Wang、Dior、Lanvin、Oscar de la Renta and other famous brand. She tried on 7 wedding dresses. Eventually, she selected Vivenne Westwood.

wedding dresses

Although she didnt’ get married, her dress became very famous. At that time, Vivenne Westwood made the length shorter and sold it at 9875 dollars in Net-a-porter. As a result, they were sold in a few hours.

2. Movie: Bride Wars
Brides: Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson


Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson are the chief actress in movie Bride Wars

Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson are the chief actress in Bride Wars. They are very beautiful. Their wedding dresses are different. They represent two classical styles, ball gown and mermaid style.

Kate Hudson, ball gown wedding dress

wedding dress

Kate’s ball gown wedding dress belong to series in season and was changed a little. Add more layers of tulle. Here are more ball gown wedding dresses.

Anne Hathaway, mermaid wedding dress

wedding dresses

Anne’s mermaid wedding dress designed according to autumn and winter wedding dress in 2005. Make some alteration about the neckline and waist. Even though it became one shoulder in the battle, it was still very beautiful.

3. Movie: Dawn
Bride: Kristen Stewart

wedding dress

Carolina Herrara

Designer Carolina Herrara use her experience and skill to create an elegant and mysterious wedding dress. Long sleeve and sheath Skirt. It brings a feeling of calmness and beauty. And its backless details also make people surprised.

wedding dress

4. Movie: The Great Gatsby
Bride: Carey Mulligan

wedding dress

In the 20th century, girls love short hair and flap dress. When the chief actress Daisy got married, her wedding dress was very elegant and original, especially the silhouette and architecture in details. You won’t forget it after you see it.
The headwear of Daisy and birdesmaid Joran is also very nice. You can also use shining headwear to show more. Besides, if you are crazy about vintage style, here are various vintage wedding dresses.

If you want to be a special bride, here are some unique wedding dresses.

Perfect Wedding dresses : Unique wedding dress makes you become the perfect center

For the weddings, most female tend to common style of wedding dresses. They like to wear beach wedding dresses, mermaid wedding dresses. Actually, we have looked through pictures of wedding dresses in classic Television works or which Female Stars wear. Some of them like choosing various kinds of wedding dresses, wear cloak, pantsuit and demitoilet, which leave a deep impression on audience.


Let us check the stars who wear unique and creative wedding dresses.

Super mode Hanne Gaby Odiele and married John Swiatek who is also a mode. She wears cloak wedding dress which was designed by Alexander Wang. From cloak elements, tulle, bare waist. All this combination is full of creativity, and she is very proud of good figure.

cloak wedding dress

Beyonce’s sister, Solange wore special wedding dress when she got married. The dress even hasn’t tulle. Her wedding suit is a combination of cloak, deep V and Jumpsuit. She push white bicycle decorated with flowers creatively. Of course, it is romantic and special. It is more casual than common lace wedding dresses.

wedding photos

What did star Olivia Palermo wore? Knitwear, shorts and tulle are main parts. We can see from her smile, she is very confident with her cloth.

Wedding dress

Wedding dress

Keira Knightley also wore creative wedding dress. The combination of Tulle, Tee Dress and Tweed coats is very beautiful. Besides, she wore black glasses, which you can find that she is creative.

wedding dress

wedding dress

Actually, it has thousands of years about the wedding dresses development. It hasn’t constant form. From classicism to modern style, them have various beauty. They have plenty of creativity. You can find many clue in the movie.

Like golden wedding dress in the 18th century, the combination of corset and crinolette is very special.

Wedding Dress

The wedding dress at the beginning of 20th century is beautiful. The white veil started from head is attractive. The dress belongs to sheath style. The whole dress entirely show the beauty of female. The dress is more like vintage wedding dresses.

wedding dress

If you haven’t got wedding dresses, here are some tips to buy wedding dresses.

Destination Wedding in Maldives

There are many beautiful and magic landscapes all over the world. At present, the destination weddings are very popular. Many couples would like to leave their hometown and find a peaceful and beautiful place to hold their weddings. The moment is very significant and important. For the mother of bride, it is very exciting wear a nice dress and see your charming and lovely daughter. For the bride herself, she deserves a nice lace wedding dress and enjoys her big day. From that day on, they create a new family and will live a nice life.

1. Pisces Island wedding

When the house is built on the water, the water house was finished like two intertwined fish shape by the designer. It is known as the Pisces Island. Large and small fishes are smart and full of landmark. It is the symbol of eternal love and the ideal honeymoon of many couples. The decoration of the whole house is absolutely perfect and luxurious. Regardless of the choice of massage bathtub house, or couple honeymoon house, or presidential suite, they can make guests very comfortable. It is usually equipped with two loungers outside the house, you can also enjoy the sunbathing.
2. Shangri-La’s wedding

Shangri-La is the most southern Maldives hotel. Shangri-La is located in the sand beach where the scenery is very beautiful, surrounded by nearly 17,000 coconut trees. The unique coastline stretches 6 km, the white sand beach in more than 2 km long. There are private beach villas, tropical tree house villas, the Middle East style and Indian elements, beautifully designed all of them provides guests with quiet and comfortable enjoyment.

These two places are very beautiful and attractive. If you are crazy about the beach style, both of them can make you dream come true. You can enjoy you big day wearing your nice beach wedding dresses.

Tips to buy bridesmaid dresses

There are various kinds of bridesmaid dresses. Short, long, knee length and tea length bridesmaid dresses. Of course, it is not easy to select a nice and suitable bridesmaids dresses. When the bride confirms her wedding dress. She will inform her bridesmaids that there are some requirements. For the style and color of bridesmaid dresses, then the bridesmaids will search for suitable dresses. Season, wedding venue, wedding dresses will decide the style of bridesmaid dresses. If the bride choose short wedding dress, it is better for bridesmaids to wear short dresses. Today, I will introduce some tips to buy bridesmaid dresses. Take notes of them If you think that they are suitable for you.
Bridesmaid dress

1. Tips One: Wear light and loose dresses on beach wedding

If the wedding venue is beach wedding, you may want to know tips for the beach wedding. you can enjoy the warm wind and sunlight, hear the sound of wave, see the birds flying across your head. The scenery will be very attractive and beautiful. Generally speaking, the weather will be very good. The brides will tend to wear beach wedding dresses. If it is a summer beach wedding, be ready for hot temperature, choose light and loose dresses. Because you will have many things to do. If you wear very tight dresses, it is very difficult for you to walk freely and solve matters. So you won’t be exhausted. Chiffon, tulle, organza bridesmaid dresses are very suitable for you.
bridesmaid dresses

2. Tips two: Select true color

As we all know, If one of the bridesmaid dresses is very different from other dresses, it is a very embarrassing. So does the color. I suggest that all the bridesmaid dresses can be ordered in same style and make it a little bit different. It will depend on the brides. If she thinks that the bridesmaid dresses should be different, then you have more choices. You can select bridesmaid dresses according to your preference.

3. Tips three: Select suitable size

Before you confirm your size, you need to know what your actual size is at present. If you used to buy your dresses, you will find that there are different measuring ways on various sites. And the clothes size commonly is different from dress size. So pay attention to the size chart on sites. When you place your order, you can write down something important. For example, please send me the bust, waist, hips size for me to confirm it.

4. Tips four: Selection for pregnant size

If there is a pregnant bridesmaid, I recommend that she should order it when it is close to the wedding day. Because the size is growing and it is very difficult to confirm it. When the wedding is approaching, the size will be confirmed and the dress will fit well.
Pregnant bridesmaids

Honeymoon in Sweden: 5 essential destinations

Sweden is a country where unspoilt nature awaits you in Swedish Lapland, unique landscapes in the Arctic polar circle, cosmopolitan cities like Stockholm or wonderful archipelagos. Wearing you gorgeous A-line wedding dresses. It is an unforgettable destination!

If you are nature lovers and are looking for a dream trip for your honeymoon, Sweden is an option to consider. It does not matter if you go in summer or in winter. Every season is amazing. Do not miss everything you can discover in this Nordic country. In this case, it is very good for you to wear beach wedding dresses.

1. Swedish Lapland: midnight sun and northern lights! Where are the last vestiges of wild nature in Europe, the place where the Sami lives, the European indigenous people? What is the region where you can enjoy the aurora and the midnight sun? The answer to these questions is only one: Lapland. In summer, you can enjoy the traditional “midnight sun”, walking at dawn.

If you visit Sweden in winter (It is very essential to visit the Abisko National Park, with AuroraSky Station). You can not miss the magnificent aurora, it is one of the biggest nature offered by this destination.

2. Stockholm and its archipelago

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, spread over 14 islands situated on Lake Malaren and proudly extends to the Baltic Sea at its eastern end. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The Gamla Stan, the old town. There you can enjoy beautiful cobbled streets, the Royal Palace, Stortoget Square, Stockholm’s most famous colored houses, Gothic churches.


3. Gotland, a beautiful medieval island

There are historical museums, original restaurants, long white sand beaches and ecotourism on this Baltic island. Gotland is the largest island in the Baltic Sea and can be reached by ferry from Stockholm. It is very suitable for you to wear short wedding dresses.

4. Varmland: descending rivers with a log raft

Enjoy real peace in central Sweden in the Varmland region and launch into an adventure like Huckleberry Finn, descending the rivers on a log raft.

5. Escania: forests, lakes and castles

Escania in southern Sweden is as colorful as a large multicolored patchwork: fertile lands, forests, lakes, castles and museums, as well as beautiful gardens. It is a destination that you can not miss. If you have a wedding here, lace wedding dresses will show your beauty.

If you are interested in African wedding destinations, you can refer to these 5 Gorgeous destinations.